December 12, 2018

December 07, 2018

XLR Carbon Chassis Review by Luke Moffat | Rokslide Forum

Coming from a background where I hunted almost exclusively with lightweight rifles, you might expect my transition to a heavier precision rifle to have some growing pains. In general, these precision rifles are much larger and much heavier than the rifles I historically hunted with. However, shortly after starting down this road, a friend introduced me to using a chassis rather than a traditional stock. In the spring of 2017, after researching the product line by XLR Chassis, I purchased my first chassis.  I chose the XLR Element Chassis.  It is machined from solid 6061 T-6 billet aluminum (more info here) with the plan to install it on my Tikka CTR as an upgrade from the OEM stock.

The Advantages of a Chassis

Once I got over the initial “scale shock” of this heavier rifle, the advantages of the chassis became apparent. With the XLR Chassis System, in particular, their buttstock designs allow you to adjust the rear to fit each shooter. One can dial the length of pull from as long as 15” to as short as 10” to fit even the smallest folks, especially children. The cheek riser height is also easily adjustable, so the shooter has the perfect full sight picture in the scope while maintaining a solid cheek weld. You can also easily swap out the grips to allow for smaller or larger grips and grip angles to what best fits a particular shooter.

Couple all that adjustability with the fact that you can install a folding adapter to the buttstock and all of a sudden your rifle is 10”+ shorter in your pack than a traditionally stocked rifle.

This rifle, in the XLR Element chassis, took 15 big game animals in 2017.  This was comprised from half a dozen different shooters including several grown men, an 8-year-old boy, as well as my 5’3′ sister who was six months pregnant at the time.


The ability to adjust the same rifle to fit a wide range of shooters, including children is a huge advantage to utilizing a chassis

I have found for backpack based hunts from a base camp (where you must pack animals but don’t have your entire camp on your back), the additional weight of a heavier precision rifle is mitigated by having a shorter profile and thus more portable rifle. This is especially nice when going through thick brush or alders.


Rifle in the pack with a 7” suppressor and it’s barely higher than my head

Another major bonus of a chassis platform is the rigidity it gives the rifle. Unlike traditional OEM rifle stocks, no bedding is generally needed to see an increase in accuracy.

The XLR Carbon Chassis

When I began planning my next rifle build after my hunting season concluded in 2017, I contacted XLR and asked to try their carbon fiber chassis. Obviously, I was trying to keep weight down for this project, as its primary use would be for hunting applications. I was surprised to find that their carbon fiber chassis, even with the folding stock adapter, came in at just under two pounds more than most my lightweight stocks. Those two pounds are more than worth it considering the for the adjustability and the ability to fold the stock.


At 3.75 pounds, the XLR carbon chassis still weighs less than more tradition folding stocks that cost a couple hundred dollars more yet don’t offer the adjustability of a chassis

I initially put the carbon fiber stock on my 27” carbon barrel 7 WSM.  The total weight of the rifle, before scope, came in at 8.8 pounds.

It is still far from qualifying lightweight by my standards, however, the weight is still very manageable for the style of hunting. After completing load work-up and using my 7 WSM several times in the field, I decided to put my Tikka CTR in the carbon chassis to see how it would handle and shoot.

One more upside

One advantage with the carbon chassis I didn’t anticipate was that carbon doesn’t freeze my hands in cold weather like an aluminum chassis–a nice benefit, especially when you find yourself carrying the rifle in your hands for extended periods of time in colder conditions.

I was a little apprehensive about how the carbon fiber handguard would react to cold temperatures under recoil with the bipod attached. Finding myself in -53F temps on a family winter camping trip, I decided it was a great time to test it.

As it was, I was able to make first round and second round hits on a 12” plate just over 700 yards away. The handguard and chassis held up just fine, but I was freezing so I put the rifle back in the case and hurried back inside the cabin.

If you are looking to upgrade your rifle to a platform that allows for adjustability to fit a variety of different sized shooters, and the ability to fold down to make for a much smaller profile in your pack, I feel the XLR Chassis Systems are certainly worth a look. 

December 05, 2018

Evolution HD | Pic of the Week 12-5-18

Boy, I wish I had this setup in my backyard! Check out this monster of a build, featuring a Stiller Tac 338 in our XLR Evolution HD Chassis. Specifically designed to work with XL or 'oversized' actions and calibers, this chassis can handle some truly heavy equipment.

Taking up the rear of his chassis is our most popular platform, the Tactical Buttstock. Which features length of pull adjustment, cheek riser height adjustment, recoil pad height adjustment, and recoil pad cant adjustment. Once adjusted, shouldering even these large caliber rifles becomes a breeze.

Today's featured rifle is chambered in .338 Lapua Improved. These rounds push some serious power down a 30" (1-9.5" twist) Bartlein Barrel to a massive Terminator T3 Muzzle BrakeBut not to worry, the additional weight and adjustability of the chassis system and buttstock keep this shooting experience enjoyable. With increases in accuracy and repeatability due to our multi-point radial cut inlet and free-floating barrel channel.

The eyes down range are powered by a Nightforce ATACR 7-35x56 F1 power optic, mounted on top of a 20 MOA Stiller Scope Base. Mounted on the scope base is one of our XLR Picatinny Bubble Levels. This little device helps you see and correct for cant when behind the rifle with its high-vis green bubble level. Whether its steel or big game nothing is safe downrange, even way downrange.

Creating the boom for this big rifle is a Jewell Trigger. Which can be directly attached to your action in our chassis systems without any clearance issues. Nearly every factory or aftermarket trigger fits our system, including new actions that feature a trigger-hanger over the standard pin style hanger.

XLR is one of the only chassis manufacturers to create a product for this XL actions and systems. Unlike a traditional wood or fiberglass stock, our products are direct drop-in applications that require ZERO gunsmithing or modifications for inletting your action. Eliminating downtime, increasing accuracy and repeatability and giving you more time at the range.

Our chassis can be inletted for more than 300 different actions in both left and right-hand configurations. (See our inlet list HERE) Making it possible for more shooters to experience the difference a chassis system makes over a traditional stock. Even if you're a southpaw, you can get a chassis system from us.

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November 28, 2018

Kelbly's Black Bear Tactical in 6.5 Creedmoor | Pic of the Week 11-28-2018

The Kelbly's Black Bear Tactical action is designed to be the ultimate tactical action. 

From Kelbly's, "Featuring a square 1.4” wide flat bottom which resists rotational torque and allows for larger bolt stop screws. The Black Bear has an integral 20 MOA Picatinny 1913 MIL-SPEC Rail, BlackNitride finish for increased slickness and extreme environments. This is the flagship tactical action for Kelbly’s."

This action paired with a direct drop-in chassis, such as the Evolution, see below, creates the ultimate pair for accuracy and repeatability. Due to the massive size of this action, and its wide flat bottom design, we currently only offer the Black Bear Tactical inlet for our Evolution and Carbon chassis systems.

Check out the Kelbly's Black Bear Tactical action below

At the time of this post, XLR is the only chassis manufacturer to be offering a direct drop-in application for this action. With ZERO gunsmithing or bedding required to inlet this action. Simply drop your barreled action in, torque your action screws to 65 in lbs., and you're off to the range.

One of our first Evolution chassis systems for the Black Bear Tactical was sent to Kevin Turner, whose rifle is featured below. Kevin outfitted this rifle with some of today's best components on the market to create his ultimate tactical rifle. Kevin's rifle is chambered in the ever popular 6.5 creedmoor and is sure to be a steel ringing machine!

This sweet set up is for all you south-paws! 

Build information:
- Kelbly's Black Bear Tactical in left-hand
- XLR Evolution Chassis
- Krieger M24 contour Barrel
- Chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor by Kelbly's
- Jewel HVR Trigger
- Kahles K525i 5-25x56 scope
- Gemtech One suppressor

If you ever have any questions regarding XLR products, or you just want to chat, give us a call 970-241-1807. Or if email works better shoot us a message to info@xlrindustries.com

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November 21, 2018

2018 Black Friday & Cyber Monday SALE

XLR Industries biggest sale of the year!

Save up to $150 off your next purchase of $595 or more by entering the code BIG150 at checkout. Or receive $40 off your purchase of $200 or more by entering the code BIG40 at checkout.

Offer valid between 11/23 and 11/27. Must enter the code at checkout. Online only, cannot be combined with any other offer. Offer valid on full price items only.

If you have any questions regarding this promotion or XLR products, feel free to give us a call at 970-241-1807 or send us an email to info@xlrindustries.com.

November 14, 2018

Tony Carbon Chassis | Pic of the Week 11-14-18

At XLR we love our left-handed shooters! Unlike most chassis manufacturers, we take the time to create options for both right and left-hand actions. Our outlook is, if the action is made in left hand, we will make a chassis for it. No reason not to!

This week we want to feature an amazing build based on our lightweight carbon fiber chassis. Our true drop-in system allows you to bolt in your factory or custom action in minutes. Check out the build specs and photos of this awesome build.

-.308 Remington 700 VS Left handed action w/16" heavy barrel
- Vektor muzzle brake
- XLR Industries Carbon Fiber Chassis 
XLR Folding Adapter
- Bushnell Elite Tactical scope 6-24x50mm 
- Black Rose tactical scope rail
- T.M.S. scope rings
- Accuracy International 10rd magazine
- Harris bipod

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November 07, 2018

Competition Dynamics 2018 Team Safari

Collin & Chris Competition Dynamics Congratulations to XLR Pro Shooter, Collin Fossen and his partner Chris Way on the 2nd place finish at the 2018 Competition Dynamics Team Safari.

Collin took up the bolt rifle part of the challenge, shooting his competition rifle that features our XLR Envy Chassis system. While Chris took on the gas gun challenges, both ringing enough steel to take home the 2nd place trophy!

The Competition Dynamics Team Safari is described as the following;

"This is a team "hike-and-shoot" rifle match for long-range rifle, semi-auto "carbine," and pistols. It will test a 2-man team's ability to locate, range, and engage practical targetry spread in the terrain using both weapons systems. Some of the skills involved include target recognition, ranging, wind doping, ballistic data management, marksmanship under field conditions, non-standard shooting positions, rudimentary trail skills.

You can think of the Team Safari as a Team version of the Steel Safari

This match is much easier physically than the TBTC and is more on-par with the Steel Safari."

Competition Dynamics has been pushing the limits on precision long range matches, pushing competitors far beyond their limits. If you're looking for a level of competition well above what you can find at your local day match, check our Competition Dynamics.

November 07, 2018

Tikka T3 Element Chassis System | Pic of the Week 11-7-18

Check out this amazing rifle build out in Idaho's high country. Chassis systems are just meant for the range. The durable and rigid platform a chassis provides is unmatched in the field. Aluminum does not swell or shrink during extreme temperature swings, providing your receiver with the best environment possible.

Below is a quick build sheet for this sweet high country rifle build.

Thank you, Jared, for sharing your rifle build with us! If you'd like to be featured in an upcoming Pic of the Week, send us your pictures and build specs to info@xlrindustries.com

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October 31, 2018

Carbon Fiber Chassis System Upgrade | Pic of the Week 10-31-18

XLR Industries

We love seeing pictures of completed rifles built on our chassis systems. What we love, even more, is knowing that we have earned our customers business by going above and beyond to make their shooting experience the best it can be.

This is what Chris Summers had to say about his experience with XLR and his new Carbon Chassis system.

"Here's a little about my setup; it's predominantly used equipment... I picked up a used factory rifle about 5 years ago and have only recently (April 2018) started putting together a long-range precision rig. I have gotten into the PRS addiction with the help of some of my friends and am working toward competing in next year's Gap Grind at K&M Precision. The only upgrade I am planning in the near future is a new optic (Vortex, Night Force, or Schmidt Bender). I've attached a couple of extra photos; hopefully, they will help.  The photo I originally submitted was from the Wisconsin Precision Rifle Steel Challenge (WPRSC) club match in September where I was able to go 9 out of 10 at 1000 yds on a standard IPSC target."   
Rife Breakdown:

"By far and away the biggest improvement in the accuracy of my system, over factory stock, has been the XLR Carbon Chassis. The Hogue-overmolded factory stock was flimsy and flexed with even the slightest pressure. The chassis is rugged and extremely well constructed. I am planning another build in the next 2 years and plan to utilize another XLR Chassis for it."
"I can personally attest to the excellent team at XLR. I have contacted them on a couple of occasions with problems or just questions and they are prompt! Not just with an automated response, but with an actual response and solutions. I can think of one issue in particular where I had stripped 2 screws on the buttstock only days before my second match... I contacted them and they responded that evening and it was followed up with a phone call as well. They had me back up and operational with time to spare before the match. This completely blew me away; I thought I was going to have to miss it."
"Thank you for your time and great service; you've definitely earned my business!!"
Chris Summers

If you'd like to share your story about XLR send it to info@xlrindustries.com, we would love to hear them!

October 24, 2018

Remington 700 Evolution Chassis System | Pic of the Week 10-24-18

Here is a what David from Phoenix Arizona had to say about setting up his new rifle build;

"Cerakote was inspired by an XLR build 6.5 Creedmoor I fell in love with on the internet. The whole receiver and recoil lug were bedded. This chassis has the look and feel I was going for. I couldn't believe how smooth and well it shot while working up a load. 5 shots of each load work up at 100yrds. The pic attached was the obvious winner but the rest all grouped tight. Thanks for looking and for making a badass chassis. From Phx AZ  David"

Below are the build specs on David's rifle:

Thank you, David, for sending us pictures of your rifle and build specs. If you want to have us feature your rifle in an upcoming Pic of the Week send us your information to info@xlrindustries.com