M-LOK Accessories For Rifle Chassis, AR 15, M4

XLR Industries offers a variety of M-LOK accessories to improve your shooting experience and accuracy. XLRs bipod adapters, barricade stops, and bench rest plates offer shooters more stability, while our quick detach sling adapters help with transportation from one shooting stage to the next. Need a more balanced rifle? We’ve got M-LOK forend weights to help obtain a perfect fit for the ultimate in-shooting performance. Add one of XLRs M-LOK Picatinny rail systems, and you can attach just about any accessory to your chassis rifle.

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Overview of M-LOK™ Accessories

M-LOK™ stands for Modular Lock system. M-LOK™ mounting platforms have easily become the most popular method for attaching accessories to different firearms. Some would say it is really the industry standard. Because M-LOK™ has direct mount capability, there is no need to have access from the rear of the system, you can attach any accessory that is M-LOK™ compatible to the front face of the slot. On AR=15 type rifles and many modern bolt action rifles, there is no need to remove the handguard or barreled action to change out accessories like Picatinny and arca-swiss rails, sling attachment hardware and barricade stops.

Key Benefits of M-LOK™ Accessories

M-LOK™ accessories have many benefits, and this is why XLR not only utilizes this mourning system on the rifle chassis systems we manufacture but manufacture M-LOK™ accessories to accommodate others also. Here are some benefits of using M-LOK™ accessories if your rifle system is M-LOK™ compatible. Prior to M-LOK™, almost all mounting solutions were proprietary to that manufacturer due accessories being attached directly to the surface by threaded provisions. This limited the number of options due to varying thread pitches being used and no industry-standardized hole spacing. If the spacing was just ever so slightly off, let's say on a Picatinny rail, you could not use it.

  1. Popularity of M-LOK™ - When researching different rifle and carbine firearms systems, you will notice that Magpul revolutionized the industry with M-LOK™ as it is very popular. This means not only the number of firearms that utilize M-LOK™ slots on buttstocks, forends and handguards but the number of manufacturers offering M-LOK™ accessories are endless. And the variety of accessories that follow the M-LOK™ specification so they can be used on so many systems for all sorts of applications really benefits the end user. 

  2. Recoil/Impact Mitigation Lugs - These lugs help in a few aspects. The first is it secures the M-LOK™ accessory with support in all 4 axes of movement, preventing movement that can affect the intended purpose of the accessory and even the accuracy of the rifle. For example, if your bipod rail comes loose, the rifle’s accuracy will become compromised due to the POI shift. The second aspect is it alleviates stress on the actual bolts securing the M-LOK™ part to the rifle, which will help prevent the bolts from coming loose due to the rifle's recoil. 

  3. Intermediate Spacing Option - As mentioned above, when everyone has accessories attached by threaded provisions, you were not only limited on what could be attached but where it could be placed. With M-LOK™ slots, it grants the user to attach the accessory incrementally throughout the M-LOK™ slots in 20MM adjustments. Really allowing you to mount items like Picatinny rails, barricade stops, magazine protectors and spare round holders exactly where you desire. 

  4. Cammed T-Nut - Not only does the cammed T-Nut used on M-LOK™ accessories allow mounting accessories without removing the barreled action or handguard/rail from the firearm, it also has an overlooked benefit. It is very unlikely to have bolts stripped out. when the accessories were attached to directly threaded provisions, the likelihood of a bolt getting stripped was increased. With M-LOK™ accessories, the T-Nut will usually be preinstalled for you, and you should never need to remove it. So cross-threading is almost impossible, and when the T-Nut cams over to the locked position, there is not much more force required to secure it. Only 15-35 inch pounds depending on the material.