June 23, 2022

Precision Rifle Timers

Precision Rifle Timer for Competition Shooting

Precision Rifle Timers for Competition Shooters

We have all been there, you ask the RO for time and all that you hear is crickets…. Or if you are on the other side of the table, a shooter asks you for the time and as soon as you look down, they shoot. You do not want to be on either side of the table, but it happens at every precision rifle match! The XLR timer mount is the solution to both issues! You can easily press the start button when you start the stage and glance down when you want to know your remaining time!

The timer mount easily attaches to the thumb rest provisions on the side that you are not using. This allows you to simply hold your rifle in the air, wrap your thumb around, and start the timer. It is an easy and convenient way to make sure you are on time to finish all your shots! This timer mount has saved me a few times in the last few matches!

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June 10, 2022

Bergara B14 Upgrade

Bergara B14 Rimfire Chassis Rifle Upgrade

Upgrading your Bergara B14 rimfire chassis.

With the surge of NRL 22 matches taking place around the nation, the Bergara B14R has been a hot topic. The Bergara B14R is a great “bang for the buck rifle” to get into the sport, but it will not hold you back as you progress your shooting skills. The rifles come with a factory stock that has an adjustable LOP, and adjustable cheek piece which makes it a great stock for getting started. Once you progress and want to upgrade the rifle, that is where Bergara shines! The actions are a Remington 700 clone, so they work with Remington 700 Chassis and triggers. This is a huge benefit to make sure you can use all the popular precision rifle equipment.

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Bergara B14 Rimfire Chassis

Although the factory stocks are great for starting out in NRL/PRS 22, there are some upgrades that really help as you become more competitive! I started out by upgrading from the factory stock to the XLR Envy Pro Chassis. The biggest reason for the upgrade was the full length arca, enlarged mag well, and the adjustable DBM. All these features really helped make sure my rifle performed consistently from match to match and did not have any issues.

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TriggerTech Diamond for Bergara B14

The next upgrade that I felt was necessary was the trigger. The Bergara triggers are one of the best factory triggers I have felt! With that being said, it was hard for me to transition between it and my TriggerTech diamond on my centerfire rifle. That was the only reason for the change, and I do not think it is a do or die upgrade, but I like to keep everything the same!

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L3I 14 round Bergara Magazine

Another nice addition that I found was the L3I 14 round Bergara Magazine. This was a great way to reduce the amount of mag changes that were needed in a match. Most of the 22X matches seem to have a lot of 12 and 14 round stages so a 14 round mag only made sense! This mag has worked very well so far, and I have not had any issues with feeding!

View B14 Magazine

Once all these upgrades were complete, I was into the rifle around $2250. While I would not call this a budget rifle, it is far cheaper than some other options on the market and performs very well! I currently have 3 of them set up all the same way and they all shoot under ¾ moa at 100 yards when paired with quality ammo.

June 01, 2022

Side Stage at the Price Utah NRL Hunter Match

XLR at NRL Hunter Match

XLR + Lapua + Vudoo, Side Stage at the Price, Utah NRL Hunter Match

XLR Industries has paired up with Lapua and Vudoo side stage at the Price, Utah NRL hunter match this June. Come see how well the XLR ENVY PRO, Vudoo Gun Works V-22 and Lapua Center X work together. We will also have the Element 4.0 and ATOM chassis on hand. 

Dates: June 24 – 26, 2022

Range Address: 5245 S 8000 W, Price, UT 84501

XLR Envy Pro with Vudoo Action

XLR Envy Pro with Vudoo Action


The match is located in scenic Eastern Utah at the renowned North Springs Shooting Complex.

North Springs is harbored in the unique landscapes south-east of Price, Utah. This match is an opportunity to work on hunting situation shots Shooters should expect natural terrain obstacles and thick cedars to navigate around and find shooting positions, target distances between 200-850 yards, and angled shots between 0-10°.

May 12, 2022

Truing Rifle Data

Trueing Rifle DataThis is the time of the year when shooters start getting the itch. It is the best time to start brushing up on your wind calls and making sure that your rifle is shooting well! One common question that we get asked is how we true our data when we gather dope. This is a great question because there are 3 common ways to align your dope with your ballistic calculator!

Find your zero.

Before we start shooting out to distance, there are a few inputs that are important to have correct. You must have a good zero (I prefer 100 yards), updated atmospherics, a provided BC, and a velocity. This is the starting point and sometimes it aligns very well. But if your ballistics calculator is not giving you the correct elevation adjustment then you will have to true your data.

Trueing Rifle Data

Three methods for truing your rifle data.

The first method to truing data, and my preferred method is getting my velocity from my Magnestospeed Chronograph and then adjusting the BC to align my Kestrel 5700 output with what I am seeing on target. The reason this is my preferred method is the chronograph gives me a fixed number that is specifically for my rifle. Once I have ran 5 shots over the chronograph, I will put the average into my kestrel and use the BC that is provided on the box or in the Kestrel App. Once I have my rifles profile in the Kestrel and I have made sure my atmospherics have been updated to real time data, I will shoot the rifle at 1200 yards. Typically, this will get me within 1/2 a mil of the target for my elevation. I will then change the BC to match the elevation adjustment that was needed to hit the target.

The next method requires the same equipment but is a different way of truing the data. You will gather your velocity and use the BC off the box, but then shoot at 600-800 yards and adjust your velocity to your POI (point of impact). Then you can go out to 1200 and adjust your BC to match your calculator. This method is what I would recommend to guys using cheaper chronographs. The numbers will get you very close, but if your velocity is off by only 20 FPS it can cause problems once you reach out to further distances. While this method is not my preferred, guys have had great luck with it and it ties into the next process!

For the third method, all you will need is a ballistic calculator and a good spotter. You start with the velocity and BC that is provided on the box or a good guess if you are reloading. This is the starting point, and you will use the elevation that is given by your ballistics calculator to true your data. Once you have put rounds on target, you can then true your muzzle velocity to match your elevation. The Ballistics arc app, and a kestrel meter both have a built-in program to true your elevation. Once your data matches at around the 600-yard range, you can go out to 1200 and true your BC to match your POI at that distance.

These are the 3 most common methods that I have seen from guys, and they all get similar results. I do prefer using method 1 but it does require some equipment that is expensive. With that being said I can typically get data trued and good to go in around 15-20 rounds. No matter what method you use, confirm your dope at 3 different distances and shoot 2-3 shots per target. I prefer 500, 800, and 1200 but you could be limited by your range. I also prefer painting steel a dark color and then a small orange aiming point so I can see the impact after it is hit and not have to rely on watching the shot.  

Tips for Trueing Rifle Data

If you ever have any questions on trueing data, ballistics calculators, or anything else pertaining to long range shooting, feel free to give us a call at 970-241-1807 and we will help you out!

- Jaden Miller

April 28, 2022

Medium Length Actions

Medium Actions

For years, long-range shooters have been pushing the limits of different short action magnum cartridges. Short actions appeal to hunters and long-range enthusiasts due to their shorter bolt throw, allowing quicker follow-up shots and weight savings for those ounce counters. Although cartridges like 6.5 Saum and 300 WSM were designed for use in short actions, shooters have become frustrated with one specific issue over the years. The cartridge length is limited by the length of the short action magazines if they want the rifle to be a repeater.

Increased COAL to produce a higher BC.

To use heavier, higher BC bullets, you have to be able to push them fast enough for them to be beneficial at longer ranges. This means more case capacity is needed. Obtaining more case capacity requires the bullets to be seated out further, making more volume for powder. By doing this, the case's overall length will be too long to fit into a short action magazine. What have shooters been doing to fix this? They have had their dream rifle built off a long action. Long action magazines will give you WAY more internal magazine length than you will ever need, but it will almost guarantee that you will also have feeding issues.

Action manufacturers such as Defiance machine, Lone Peak Arms, Zermatt Arms, and Stiller have all noticed the COAL frustrations and have developed a solution. They are now making medium-length actions. These actions allow shooters to gain .305 inches of coal over a short action magazine. So those high BC bullets we all want can be seated out further and we get the case volume needed for these awesome short hotrods. While the SAUM and WSM cartridges led the way to this change, 6.5 PRC and 6.8 western have also increased the demand for these medium length actions.

In the video below, you can see the length difference in the 6.5 Creedmoor and 6.5 PRC. Both of these are short action calibers, but for the hand loader, a 6.5 PRC that is throated out will allow them to seat 153 grain Hornady A-Tips, or 156 Grain Berger EOL out further and capitalize on the performance. With the Creedmoor, you could shoot the 153 or 156 grain bullets without any coal issues in a short action.


Some critical information to be aware of while deciding which medium length action to purchase is that Defiance will call theirs an XM. The reasoning is that they already have the name medium used for their 700 short action clones. What they call a short is actually a Remington model 7 footprint. Leaving the title for the actual medium length receiver to an "extra-medium" abbreviated to XM.

Medium action manufacturers.

Lone Peak Arms, Zermatt, and Stiller are all called mediums, and fortunately for them, all share the same footprint. At XLR Industries, we offer both a Lone Peak Medium (covers Zermatt & Stiller) and a Defiance XM inlet in our Element 4.0, both aluminum and Magnesium chassis models.

If you ever have questions about what action, caliber, or chassis might work best for you, feel free to reach out, and we would love to get those questions answered for you!

Jaden Miller
XLR Industries

February 08, 2022

XLR at the Western Hunt Expo

Western Hunt Expo

XLR at the Western Hunt Expo 2022

Check out XLR chassis systems and products at The Western Hunt Expo hosted at Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. This is a weekend-long event where guests can come and check out the top manufacturers in the western hunting and shooting sports industry.

Check out NEW XLR products for 2022 at the EXPO. 

XLR Booth #4359

Free Seminars at Western Hunting Expo

  • Becoming the Ultimate Predator
  • Hunt Prep, Optimizing Physical Performance and Mastering Hunting Nutrition
  • Boone and Crockett Scoring
  • Black Bear Hunting 101: Spot & Stalk, Baiting & Hounds

Western Hunt Expo Location

Salt Palace Convention Center

100 S W Temple St Salt Lake City, UT 84101

View Full Details at HuntExpo.com.

August 12, 2021

XLR Takes 1st at Great Britain Precision Rifle Association Match

XLR Pro Team Shooter Josh Martin

XLR pro team shooter Josh Martin takes 1st place at Great Britain Precision Rifle Association's first ever match.

Notch another in the win column for the XLR Pro Team and the ENVY PRO Chassis. We want to give a big shoutout to XLR Pro Team shooter Josh Martin for his first place finish at the Orion Mountain Challenge GBPRA Hosted Precision Rifle Match in wales. 

With some of the best precision rifle marksman from around the United Kingdom in attendance, Josh was able to seal the deal shooting his Bergara b14 in 6.5 Creedmoor using a Zero-compromise optic scope and an XLR Industry’s Envy pro chassis.

With Josh's 1st place finish it puts him a clear 19 points ahead of 2nd place in the GBPRA standings.

View Josh's Wins & Profile.

Get the XLR ENVY PRO and Element 4.0 Chassis at Josh's all new C2 Precision in Bude, UK.

View C2 Precisions Website

July 13, 2021

CompExpo 2021

CompExpo 2021

The CompExpo hosted at Cameo Shooting Sports Complex in Palisade, Colorado is a week-long event where guests can come and check out the top manufacturers in the shooting sports industry. August 6, 2021 guests will be able to participate in live fire demos and educational seminars.

At the end of the week guests will be able to watch the NRL Hunter Grand Slam Championships, Surefire World Multigun Championships, Total Archery Challenge (open to the public) and the COMPX Shotgun Challenge.

CompExpo Events

CompExpo 2021 Events

CompExpo 2021 Location

Cameo Shooting Sports Complex
3934 I 9/10 Rd
Palisade, CO 81526

View Full Details at CompExpo.org

CompExpo Video

XLR Industries at CompExpo

XLR Industries is going to CompExpo in August! Come put your hands on XLR's latest chassis designs and accessories and see why shooting competitors, long range enthusiast, and hunters trust XLR as their precision rifle chassis of choice.

XLR Booth Location: XLR Industries booth location will be across from the Viking Armament Live Fire booth. 

The All *NEW* ATOM Chassis

ATOM Chassis

The *REDESIGNED* Element 4.0 ChassisElement 4.0 Hunting Chassis

View Element 4.0 Specs

The ENVY PRO Competition Chassis


View ENVY PRO Specs

June 16, 2020

New Night Vision Mount for the Element 3.0 Chassis

Night Vision Mount for the Element 3.0 Magnesium Hunting Rifle Chassis and Tactical Competition Rifle Chassis
The NEW Element 3.0 Night Vision Mount has arrived! Designed specifically for use on our Element 3.0 Chassis this Night Vision Hood adds functionality to your rifle setup and looks great doing it! 

The Element 3.0 Night Vision Mount is a 4.5” hood that uses (2) MLOK side plates that bolt to the side of the chassis.  The mount will accommodate a variety of optics and night vision accessories.  The mount can also serve as a place to rest your hand and manipulate the rifle without touching the barrel. 

June 16, 2020

New 3D Printed Titanium Grip!

TYR 3D Printed Titanium Grip for Long Range Precision Rifle Chassis Systems

The NEW Titanium Grip is the new pinnacle of ultralightweight performance. Weighing just 26 grams, less than one ounce, it is the must-have grip for the avid ounce counter.

3D printed from Titanium, the grip is strong enough to meet the demands of the hunting trail, precision rifle competition, or any other punishment you can dish out. The grip will fit any of our chassis systems. The webbed design not only looks great but it also provides excellent grip when wielding your weapon.

Head over to https://xlrindustries.com/collections/accessories for more information on the NEW Titanium Grip and other great XLR Accessories! 

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