Chris Way - 2020 Team XLR Pro Shooter

Chris Way - 2020 XLR Pro Shooter

Chris Way is back with Team XLR for the 2020 season. He is off to a quick start with a win at the National Rifles League's (NRL) Rifles Only Brawl the first national match of the NRL's season.

Since taking up competitive precision rifle shooting, only a short time ago, Chris has had success in both the NRL and Competition Dynamics (CD) series. Last year Chris had 3 top 5 finishes within the CD series including a 1st place finish at the Sniper Adventure Challange.

Chris's goals this year are to qualify for the NRL Finale within three matches, to be highly competitive within the Competition Dynamics series and to beat Dorgan 
Trostel in a match. 

Chris is based out of Erie, CO where in addition to his shooting activities he is an avid rock climber and runs a company called PACE Lid which makes storage compartments for largemouth water bottles. 

Chris Way rock climbing

Tidbits about Chris:

  • Motto: "Do it, or don't"
  • Inspiration: "My wife inspires me, my kids motivate me."
  • Routine: "Routines kill, mix up training and responsibilities often."
  • Precision Rifle Teaches: "Life is hit and miss"
  • Fun Facts: "Challenges and shenanigans trump all. Try me. I manage to max my health insurance deductible every year…"
Chris Way

Chris (above) competing at the NRL Rifles Only Brawl earlier this year. To see more details on Chris's competition rifle setup and other great products he uses, check his shooter profile on XLR's website. Chris and his company are both Instagram and Facebook.