Remington 700 Chassis Systems

A popular rifle chassis for the very popular Remington 700 rifles, customizable to your liking

The Remington 700 rifle has been a popular choice among shooters and hunters for decades due to its reliability, strong aftermarket support and accuracy. However, many enthusiasts seek to improve the performance and versatility of this iconic firearm, and that's where a Remington 700 Chassis comes into play.

A rifle chassis is a key component that attaches the rifle's barreled action and provides the main interface between the precision rifle and the shooter. These customizable 700 chassis allow a interface for attaching accessories such as slings, bipods, and magazines. By upgrading to a chassis system, Remington 700 owners can improve the rifle's accuracy, stability, ergonomics, and adaptability to various shooting scenarios.

Build your ultimate Remington 700 chassis rifle today! At XLR Industries, we offer a range of chassis, each tailored to meet specific needs and preferences.

XLR Chassis are American-made and precision machined from either aluminum or magnesium. XLR chassis systems allow you to drop in your Remington 700 Rifle and 700 clone actions into your new chassis with NO gunsmith required. Our chassis in conjunction with our precision buttstocks feature adjustable cheek risers, length-of-pull adjustments, and multiple sling attachment points, making them suitable for any shooter's requirements. Whether you are looking to build a lightweight hunting rifle, professional tactical rifle, PRS Competition Rifle or build a cool, compact short barrel rifle, we've got a Remington 700 chassis stock for you.

How do we achieve a drop in compatible Remington 700 chassis?

XLR chassis systems feature a multi-point radial cut inlet that mirrors your Remington 700 Rifle or Custom 700 Clone receiver, creating a perfect chassis to action union. This inlet method eliminates any external stresses commonly found in traditional or v-block stocks. Using this style of inlet has proven to increase accuracy and repeatability beyond traditional inletting methods. Mounting your Rem 700 action into an XLR chassis only requires a torque wrench and few minutes of your time.


USA Element 4.0 Chassis
ATOM Chassis For Remington Rifles
ENVY PRO Competition Chassis For Remington Rifles

Remington 700 Chassis For Precision Rifle Matches (PRS/NRL)

Rem 700 Competition Chassis System

Custom Competition Rifle Built With ENVY PRO Chassis

Designed for PRS competition, the ENVY PRO Chassis System has everything you need for your next precision rifle chassis rifle. With an abundance of precision rifle accessories the Envy Pro can be tailored to any competitive shooting style. Paired with our competition weights designed to obtain a perfect balance, you'll find the ENVY PRO checks all the boxes.

Lightweight Remington 700 Chassis System

Lightweight Reming 700 Chassis System

Custom Mountain Rifle Built With Element 4.0 Chassis

Designed for all types of hunting situations. The Element 4.0 MG excels as a lightweight Remington 700 chassis system for mountain rifle builds. With multiple accessories to choose from, hunters can obtain the perfect fit to their style of shooting, ultimately making the "perfect shot" second nature.

Remington 700 Short Barrel Rifle Chassis

Remington 700 Short Barrel Chassis System

Short Barrel Rifle Built With ATOM Chassis

Whether your looking to build something for the range, a SBR to fit in your truck, or an ultralight backcountry rifle, the ATOM for Remington 700 actions can be built to do anything you need it to.

Upgrading to a Remington 700 Chassis System from XLR Industries is an excellent way to enhance your rifle's performance and versatility. Visit XLR Industries today and explore our chassis to find the perfect fit for you. Don't settle for a standard rifle when you can have a customized, high-performance firearm that meets your individual needs. Experience the difference of an upgraded rifle with XLR Industries chassis systems.

Customer Chassis Rifle Builds With Remington 700 Clone Actions