February 08, 2022

XLR at the Western Hunt Expo

Western Hunt Expo

XLR at the Western Hunt Expo 2022

Check out XLR chassis systems and products at The Western Hunt Expo hosted at Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. This is a weekend-long event where guests can come and check out the top manufacturers in the western hunting and shooting sports industry.

Check out NEW XLR products for 2022 at the EXPO. 

XLR Booth #4359

Free Seminars at Western Hunting Expo

  • Becoming the Ultimate Predator
  • Hunt Prep, Optimizing Physical Performance and Mastering Hunting Nutrition
  • Boone and Crockett Scoring
  • Black Bear Hunting 101: Spot & Stalk, Baiting & Hounds

Western Hunt Expo Location

Salt Palace Convention Center

100 S W Temple St Salt Lake City, UT 84101

View Full Details at HuntExpo.com.

August 12, 2021

XLR Takes 1st at Great Britain Precision Rifle Association Match

XLR Pro Team Shooter Josh Martin

XLR pro team shooter Josh Martin takes 1st place at Great Britain Precision Rifle Association's first ever match.

Notch another in the win column for the XLR Pro Team and the ENVY PRO Chassis. We want to give a big shoutout to XLR Pro Team shooter Josh Martin for his first place finish at the Orion Mountain Challenge GBPRA Hosted Precision Rifle Match in wales. 

With some of the best precision rifle marksman from around the United Kingdom in attendance, Josh was able to seal the deal shooting his Bergara b14 in 6.5 Creedmoor using a Zero-compromise optic scope and an XLR Industry’s Envy pro chassis.

With Josh's 1st place finish it puts him a clear 19 points ahead of 2nd place in the GBPRA standings.

View Josh's Wins & Profile.

Get the XLR ENVY PRO and Element 4.0 Chassis at Josh's all new C2 Precision in Bude, UK.

View C2 Precisions Website

July 13, 2021

CompExpo 2021

CompExpo 2021

The CompExpo hosted at Cameo Shooting Sports Complex in Palisade, Colorado is a week-long event where guests can come and check out the top manufacturers in the shooting sports industry. August 6, 2021 guests will be able to participate in live fire demos and educational seminars.

At the end of the week guests will be able to watch the NRL Hunter Grand Slam Championships, Surefire World Multigun Championships, Total Archery Challenge (open to the public) and the COMPX Shotgun Challenge.

CompExpo Events

CompExpo 2021 Events

CompExpo 2021 Location

Cameo Shooting Sports Complex
3934 I 9/10 Rd
Palisade, CO 81526

View Full Details at CompExpo.org

CompExpo Video

XLR Industries at CompExpo

XLR Industries is going to CompExpo in August! Come put your hands on XLR's latest chassis designs and accessories and see why shooting competitors, long range enthusiast, and hunters trust XLR as their precision rifle chassis of choice.

XLR Booth Location: XLR Industries booth location will be across from the Viking Armament Live Fire booth. 

The All *NEW* ATOM Chassis

ATOM Chassis

The *REDESIGNED* Element 4.0 ChassisElement 4.0 Hunting Chassis

View Element 4.0 Specs

The ENVY PRO Competition Chassis


View ENVY PRO Specs

June 16, 2020

New Night Vision Mount for the Element 3.0 Chassis

Night Vision Mount for the Element 3.0 Magnesium Hunting Rifle Chassis and Tactical Competition Rifle Chassis
The NEW Element 3.0 Night Vision Mount has arrived! Designed specifically for use on our Element 3.0 Chassis this Night Vision Hood adds functionality to your rifle setup and looks great doing it! 

The Element 3.0 Night Vision Mount is a 4.5” hood that uses (2) MLOK side plates that bolt to the side of the chassis.  The mount will accommodate a variety of optics and night vision accessories.  The mount can also serve as a place to rest your hand and manipulate the rifle without touching the barrel. 

June 16, 2020

New 3D Printed Titanium Grip!

TYR 3D Printed Titanium Grip for Long Range Precision Rifle Chassis Systems

The NEW Titanium Grip is the new pinnacle of ultralightweight performance. Weighing just 26 grams, less than one ounce, it is the must-have grip for the avid ounce counter.

3D printed from Titanium, the grip is strong enough to meet the demands of the hunting trail, precision rifle competition, or any other punishment you can dish out. The grip will fit any of our chassis systems. The webbed design not only looks great but it also provides excellent grip when wielding your weapon.

Head over to https://xlrindustries.com/collections/accessories for more information on the NEW Titanium Grip and other great XLR Accessories! 

June 16, 2020

Collin Fossen - 2020 XLR Pro Shooter

Collin Fossen - 2020 XLR Pro Shooter - Envy Pro Competition Bolt Action Rifle Chassis
Collin Fossen will again be shooting for Team XLR for the 2020 precision rifle season and will be competing in matches in both the National Rifle League (NRL), the Competition Dynamics (CD) series. Collin had a great 2019 season with top 10 finishes at national matches in both leagues and he placed 80th overall in the NRL Points Race.  

This year Collin has his sights set on taking the top spots at the Burris Optics Team Challenge, the Competition Dynamics Steel Safari and the Wyoming Tactical Rifle Championship (WTRC). He will be teaming up with fellow Team XLR member Andy Reinhardt to compete in three separate highly physical field style team matches that will put their skill and gear to the test.  

Collin has participated in competition shooting sports since his youth. He learned basic firearm handling skills from his family and then refined his skill shooting air rifle and pistol through his participation in the Lander, WY 4-H chapter. His more advanced skills were learned after he finished college when he studied books on the subject and began to regularly compete in matches.

“Fear the man with one gun, for he knows how to use it. Practice with your gear so you can use it without conscious thought,” Collin said recalling the best shooting advice he had received.

Collin lives in Wyoming with his family where they enjoy camping, hiking, hunting and being outdoors. To complement his competition shooting activities, he runs Fehu Outdoors, a company that makes soft bags and other competition shooting goods. He is also a brand ambassador for Maven Optics. Collin trusts all his gunsmithing to Precision Shooting of Wyoming and their carbon sleeved barrels.
Collin Fossen on a successful Antelope hunt with his lightweight Element 3.0 Magnesium hunting rifle build  rr

Collin's Advice for New Competition Shooters?

"Show up to any event, and bring your gear. Most of the people I have met through this sport are super passionate about it and are more than willing to share gear so you can find out what you might like. They will also help by sharing tips if you ask for help. The key though is to ask for the help up front and not to struggle through and become frustrated. We are all here to have fun in our free time."
Collin Fossen competing in a Nation Rifle League Precision Rifle Match With his Envy competition Rifle Chassis build

Collin's Favorite Match Memory

"In 2014, I was running a 20” 308 Win and shooting 155 Palma Match King bullets at the Sniper’s Hide Cup. I didn’t realize at the time that I was shooting very well but at the end of the tally, I was in 50th place. Being newer to the sport and knowing that the last year I was 3rd from last, I was very excited about my placement. It happened that I also ended up as the top 308 shooters at the match among all the 6.5mm and other ‘wildcat’ cartridges. I ended up being presented with a brand new 6.5 Creedmoor for my top 308 finish and still use the Stiller action though it has been through 6 different barrels at this point."

Collin's 2020 Competition Rifle 

Collin Fossen's 2020 Precision Rifle Competition Rifle Build on the XLR Envy Pro bolt action rifle chassis

June 16, 2020

NEW Carbon Buttstock Bag Rider!

Lightweight Carbon Fiber Rifle Buttstock Bag Rider for bolt action hunting rifles and bolt action competition rifles

The Smoke Carbon Buttstock Bag Rider was designed based on customer feedback to compliment and increase the functionality of the Smoke Carbon Buttstock. It increases the shooter's ability to better spot their shots for quicker follow-ups. 

The bag rider adds an additional 3.25" of surface area to the bottom of the buttstock that allows a natural and solid feel when used with any rear shooting bag. It installs easily by utilizing the buttstock's lower M-LOK slot. The backer used to attach the bag rider features machined in flush cup Quick Detach (QD) sockets for sling attachment. 

With it's minimalist and practical design the bag rider only adds 1.5 ounces to the buttstock weight and is ideal for lightweight Element 3.0 Magnesium hunting rifle configurations.  

Head over to www.xlrindustries.com for more information on the NEW Smoke Carbon Buttstock Bag Rider and other great XLR Accessories! 
June 16, 2020

Jake Vibbert - XLR Pro Shooter

Jake Vibbert Team XLR Envy Pro JV Competition Rifle Chassis Kit

Jake Vibbert is back with Team XLR for 2020 precision rifle season. Although it has been an unusual year for the sport, Jake has continued to make an impact as a competitor, match director, instructor, and sponsor. 

In just five years, Jake has earned an impressive shooting resume with consistent top finishes in both the Precision Rifle Series (PRS) and the National Rifle League (NRL). In fact, Jake has compiled more wins than any other shooter in the United States at national level PRS and NRL matches during that span.  

Jake owns JC Steel Targets which produces quality AR500 steel targets along with target hanging systems. JC Steel Targets is a proud sponsor of precision rifle matches in both the NRL and PRS and also supports local ministries in Jake's community of Cheney, WA.

As a precision rifle instructor, Jake travels the country shooting and teaching precision rifle classes. He has also put together a Precision Rifle Training series, the first of its kind, geared towards both new and advanced shooters who are interested in improving their tactical/practical precision rifle performance.

This past year, Jake and fellow shooter Jon Pynch launched the VP Precision Podcast in which they discuss recent matches, trends, and offer their insight and perspective on the precision rifle scene. 

A devoted husband and father, Jake, has formal degrees in sports medicine and youth ministry. An avid outdoors-man, he enjoys hunting and fishing with his family and mentoring youth through his ministry service.

Make an introduction to Jake and he will respond instantly with a big grin and firm handshake. You would be hard-pressed to find a nicer person.

Top Finishes of 2020 (Thus Far)

Jake Vibbert holding RETRO-TPRC trophy envy pro competition rifle chassis   Jake Vibbert holds up second place trophy at Param Precision Rifle Rumble - Envy Pro Competition Rifle Chassis

Jake took the top spot at the RETRO-TPRC the first professional match of the Precision Rifle Series, and a strong second-place finish at the Parma Precision Rifle Rumble. 

Jake's Competition Rifle 

Jake Vibbert's Competition Envy Pro Rifle Chassis Build - Envy Pro JV Competition Kit

Jake Vibbert's competition ENVY Pro! Checkout the ENVY PRO JV Competition Kit which includes all XLR Accessories that Jake runs on his rifle. We have bundled them all together to take all the guesswork out of building your next competition rifle!

April 09, 2020

Chris Way - 2020 Team XLR Pro Shooter

Chris Way - 2020 XLR Pro Shooter

Chris Way is back with Team XLR for the 2020 season. He is off to a quick start with a win at the National Rifles League's (NRL) Rifles Only Brawl the first national match of the NRL's season.

Since taking up competitive precision rifle shooting, only a short time ago, Chris has had success in both the NRL and Competition Dynamics (CD) series. Last year Chris had 3 top 5 finishes within the CD series including a 1st place finish at the Sniper Adventure Challange.

Chris's goals this year are to qualify for the NRL Finale within three matches, to be highly competitive within the Competition Dynamics series and to beat Dorgan 
Trostel in a match. 

Chris is based out of Erie, CO where in addition to his shooting activities he is an avid rock climber and runs a company called PACE Lid which makes storage compartments for largemouth water bottles. 

Chris Way rock climbing

Tidbits about Chris:

  • Motto: "Do it, or don't"
  • Inspiration: "My wife inspires me, my kids motivate me."
  • Routine: "Routines kill, mix up training and responsibilities often."
  • Precision Rifle Teaches: "Life is hit and miss"
  • Fun Facts: "Challenges and shenanigans trump all. Try me. I manage to max my health insurance deductible every year…"
Chris Way

Chris (above) competing at the NRL Rifles Only Brawl earlier this year. To see more details on Chris's competition rifle setup and other great products he uses, check his shooter profile on XLR's website. Chris and his company are both Instagram and Facebook.  

March 27, 2019

XLR Pro Shooters Take Two of the Top 3 Spots at National Match | March 24th, 2019

Big congratulations to XLR Pro Shooter Paul Dallin on his first-place finish and Brian Pence with his third-place finish! Amazing to have two XLR Pro Shooters finish in the top 3 of a national level match!

XLR Pro Shooters Paul Dallin & Brian Pence

Just a small fraction of the #xlrfamily that participated in this weekend’s National Rifle League Precision Rifle Shooters of Idaho (PRSID) Gem State Standoff precision rifle match. Huge shout out to match directors Nate Lauerman & Seth Howard putting on such an amazing event! And all the RO’s who kept things running smooth and quick.

XLR Family at the PRSID Gem State Standoff Match 2019

Check out the entire XLR Pro Shooters HERE

We want to thank everyone that came out and represented XLR at this amazing National Rifle League match. We look forward to seeing you all at upcoming matches, keep shooting!