XLR Chassis Systems for Howa 1500 & Weatherby Vanguard Rifles


XLR Industries, a leading U.S.-based manufacturer, is known for its world-class rifle chassis systems, components, and accessories. With a commitment to quality and precision, XLR Industries has become a trusted choice for shooters of all levels, from professionals to hobbyists.

One of XLR's most popular offerings is its chassis rifle systems for Howa and Weatherby rifles. These state-of-the-art systems are machined from the highest quality aluminum and magnesium, providing optimal performance and durability. Giving you everything you need, nothing you don’t.

XLR also uses an innovative multi-point radial cut inlet design instead of a simpler V-block, granting a true drop-in chassis system with proper contact allowing a stress-free inlet. This rifle action inlet design provides greater accuracy and repeatability.

Why XLR Chassis Systems?

Shooters of all levels choose XLR chassis systems for their guns because they're top-of-the-class in precision, versatility, and modularity.

Unlike traditional wood stock rifles, XLR chassis systems are made from durable materials such as 6061 T-6 billet aluminum and AZ61A magnesium, which offers a major advantage in rigidity, performance, and longevity. Howa and Weatherby firearms, along with other popular models such as Remington, are a popular model to inlet for XLR chassis rifle systems.

XLR chassis systems provide a customizable interface between the shooter and the rifle, allowing for a customized fit and improved trigger control. Because the chassis is modular these buttstock and grip options are not permanent. If the shooting application changes over time the shooter can change them to the different precision buttstock and grips that suit their needs.

This advantage translates to better performance, whether you're using a factory barrel or upgrading to a semi-custom Howa 1500 or Weatherby Vanguard with an aftermarket rifle chassis and barrel!

XLR Chassis Systems Compatibility With Howa & Weatherby Rifles

XLR chassis systems are a top choice for Howa firearms. These systems are designed to fit both the Howa 1500 short-action and Weatherby Vanguard short-action. When attached to these units, XLR chassis systems enhance their long-range shooting capabilities.

Howa rifles are popular for their forged steel bolt, which helps increase robustness and reliability when shooting. The Weatherby Vanguard shines with its out-of-the-box sub-MOA accuracy. When paired with XLR chassis systems, both this rifle and the robust Howa offerings optimize performance across various calibers. This combination boosts the inherent accuracy of the Vanguard and the durability of Howa rifles, enhancing long-range shooting capabilities.

Benefits of Using XLR Chassis Systems With Howa Rifles

Using XLR chassis systems with Howa firearms offers several benefits for shooters. Combining high-quality materials like aluminum, magnesium, and carbon fiber in XLR chassis systems provides strength, reliability, and lightweight construction. This ensures the rifle remains durable and easy to handle, even in harsh conditions.

Because of the multi-point radial cut inlet design in XLR chassis systems, you have a repeatable direct bolt-on system. The engineered design of the inlet combined with the design of the entire chassis system will properly transfer the energy derived from the rifle’s recoil impulse into your shoulder correctly. Allowing you to have better recoil management to spot shots and have quick follow-up shots. 

XLR chassis systems are also versatile and modular, allowing shooters to customize their bolt action rifle to fit their unique style and preferences. This adaptability allows the rifle to be tailored to suit various shooting disciplines, from hunting to tactical applications.

Vanguard & Howa Customization Options

XLR offers a variety of customization options for the Element 4.0 Chassis and Element 4.0 Magnesium Chassis, enhancing the Howa and Weatherby experience. These options allow users to adjust several aspects of their rifles.

Backcountry hunters often prefer the Element 4.0 Magnesium Chassis, with its ultra-lightweight modular design. This model weighs only 16 ounces without the buttstock or grip and can be accessorized with items such as the Carbon Fiber Pistol Grip, which weighs just 1.14 ounces. Starting chassis package weight for the avid hunter can be as light as 28 ounces for the ultimate lightweight rifle-hunting system!

Both the XLR Element 4.0 and Element 4.0 Magnesium chassis feature a built-in bubble level, integrated ARCA Swiss Rail, and provisions for chassis weights. Allowing the Element 4.0 to be the most versatile bolt-action chassis on the market! Additional popular add-ons like the folding adapter, and adjustable thumb rest that can be installed on both the right and left side really takes this precision rifle system to the next level.

By customizing the Element 4.0 Chassis and Element 4.0 Magnesium Chassis, users can tailor their Howa or Weatherby firearms to their specific needs, whether for hunting, target shooting, or both. These options provide a more personalized and enjoyable shooting experience.

Enhance Your Howa 1500 Rifle or Weatherby Vanguard With XLR Chassis Systems

XLR chassis systems for Howa 1500 and Weatherby Vanguard rifles offer enhanced performance and durability. Machined from high-quality 6061 T-6 billet aluminum and AZ61A magnesium, these systems provide a stable platform for precision shooting.

Tested for accuracy and repeatability, XLR chassis systems feature adjustable magazine compatibility, customizable grips, and improved recoil management.

Are you looking to upgrade your Howa chassis rifle? Contact XLR Industries today to learn more about our high-quality rifle chassis systems and take your precision long-range shooting to the next level!

Howa 1500 Actions Fit The Following XLR Chassis

Element 4.0 Chassis

Howa Chassis For Backcountry Hunting

Hunting Chassis For Howa 1500 Actions

Customer's Howa Chassis System for Hunting

Designed for all types of hunting situations. The Element 4.0 MG excels as a lightweight Howa 1500 or Weatherby Vanguard chassis system for mountain rifle builds. With multiple accessories to choose from, hunters can obtain the perfect fit to their style of shooting, ultimately making the "perfect shot" second nature.

XLR Customer's Utilizing Howa Actions