Premium Hunting Chassis & Accessories for Rifles

Hunting Chassis System

Add stability and convenience to hunting rifles by installing a chassis system in place of your rifle stock on your sporting firearms. Designed for both tactical shooting and the ultimate rifle hunting experience, a rifle chassis from XLR Industries lets you effortlessly customize your rifle with our compatible components and accessories and seamlessly works with Remington 700, Savage, Tikka, Howa 1500, Weatherby Vanguards, and many of the custom clone actions. Top-notch quality helps ensure top-notch performance on your outdoor adventures, and XLR Industries provides it in a lightweight chassis system that delivers big on versatility and durability while enabling easy adjustment. It is time to modernize your hunting rifle!

Chassis System Options For Hunting Rifle Builds

USA Element 4.0 Chassis
  • Remington 700 SA (Clones)
  • Remington 700 LA (Clones)
  • Howa 1500 SA (Right Hand Only)
  • Weatherby Vanguard SA
  • Savage Short Action
  • Savage Long Action
  • Tikka T3 Short Action
  • Tikka T3 Long Action (3.560" Magwell)
  • Tikka T1 (factory magazine only)
  • CZ 457 (factory magazine only)
  • Defiance XM Length Action
  • Lone Peak Arms Medium Length Action
  • BAT Machine Actions (BAT BumbleBee Action, BAT Vampire Action)
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ATOM Chassis For Remington Rifles

The Importance of a Premium Hunting Chassis System

A rifle chassis is an aftermarket rifle stock that creates a platform for adding accessories to your firearm. It features a lightweight, yet tough, aluminum or magnesium frame. This robust design enables precise customization, tailoring the firearm perfectly to the shooter's needs.

Among the premium options on the market, chassis systems from XLR Industries stand out, offering a consistent base for barreled action, which is a step above factory-issued rifle stocks in terms of rigidity. The multi-point radial inlet that is only offered by XLR Industries eliminates the need for a gunsmith to bed the chassis. A true drop-in aftermarket rifle chassis.

A Lighter Chassis System for Hunting Rifles

XLR Industries was the first chassis manufacturer to produce a “true” hunting chassis designed with modern weight-conscious hunters in mind. If you want to save weight on your hunting rifle, you need either the Element 4.0 Magnesium OR ATOM Magnesium chassis. The first hunting chassis on the market is offered in Magnesium which offers the rigidity of our aluminum chassis systems at a 30% weight savings! 

Combine those bolt action chassis models with our ultralight carbon buttstocks and grips and you will have to bolt your rifle into the chassis immediately or it might float away… 

Easy Configuration for Every Backcountry Hunter

XLR Chassis are some of the most modular precision rifle chassis systems available in the market. The chassis accepts AR buttstocks and flat-top AR grips. This allows hunters to choose from thousands of different buttstock and grip options. Even better you can change those items out at any time allowing true customization of your hunting rifle to be tailored specifically to the type of hunt you are going on. Items like the Carbon buttstock are the Rolls Royce of ultralight precision buttstocks, with an adjustable cheek comb the shooter is consistent behind the hunting rifle when the shot really matters. 

Overview of XLR Hunting Rifle Chassis System

When you want a hunting rifle chassis system solely designed for hunting, XLR Industries has you covered with our ATOM and Element 4.0 chassis systems for Remington 700 short-action and long-action rifles and clones. Also, two of our Element 4.0 models work with Savage, Tikka, Lonepeak Arms, BAT Machine, Weatherby, and Howa barreled action firearms. Both these models come in standard versions as well as magnesium versions for extreme weight savings, with options for a folding chassis when you need a compact hunting rifle going through the thick brush like those nasty alder patches.

The XLR's Top Chassis Systems

XLR hunting chassis options provide a variety of options based on how light you want your gear and how much you want to spend. The ATOM is a great option for those searching for both weight savings and simplicity and even allowing super short barrels with the short forend design. While the Element will be similar in size to your traditional hunting stock, instantly place your rifle at the tip of the spear in evolution of precision rifles. NEW for 2023 both the ATOM and Element 4.0 chassis systems feature the new Hunter DBM, which is an updated trigger guard system preventing the AICS magazines from dropping unintentionally, also with an adjustable magazine latch. Fine-tuning the magazine height or lockup is easier than ever with XLR Rifle Chassis.

Element 4.0 Chassis Systems

Designed for hunting with competition-level design, the two models of the Element 4.0 come in 22-oz. aluminum and 16-oz. magnesium versions to conserve weight. The standard for all XLR Chassis packages is a  built-in bubble level and 1.5-inch dovetail integral arca rail for quick tripod or bipod attachment providing benefits like enhanced stability and confidence when taking harder shots. This rifle chassis can be configured in a variety of ways, including with a carbon grip, a carbon fiber buttstock, and a side-folding buttstock adapter.

ATOM Chassis Systems

The ATOM rifle chassis system originally designed for those seeking to build a bolt action pistol, has caught the eye of those true-ounce counters where the 1.5 - 2 ounces of weight savings over the Element are worth it!. Available in numerous colors coated in Cerakote H-Series, the ATOM chassis system can be configured in similar ways to the Element 4.0. The shortened forend still features M-LOK slots allowing you to attach slings or bipods of your liking, and the integrated Arca Swiss rail has enough length for a shooting tripod and bipod to be mounted at the same time. 

XLR's Hunting Accessories

Get hunting accessories compatible with your chassis system from XLR when you want your weapon configurations to match your exact specifications. With all XLR chassis systems accepting M-LOK accessories on the forend, our sling adapters will work with any hunting sling, while our picatinny rails allow attaching bipods or any other add-on seamlessly. Compatible with all XLR chassis and buttstocks the push button folding adapter is our top-selling accessory with the popularity of it allowing the rifle to be carried on your pack with a lower barrel height. With the chassis system using a DBM system XLR worked with Hawkins Precision on making a chassis-compatible lightweight AICS magazine. You get the benefit of weight reduction and a snag-free ergonomically designed magazine specifically for your XLR! 

Upgrade Your Hunting Game Today for the Ultimate Hunting Rifle Experience

Create your first truly purpose-built hunting rifle that matches your measurements and requirements with help from XLR Industries. Offerings for those having their dream custom hunting rifle built, or those wanting to bring life back to their favorite factory hunting rifle. With designs you can adjust to fit your needs and components that go together easily, anyone can install our rifle chassis in place of their stock quickly and efficiently for convenient configurations that don't require a gunsmith. High-quality materials in a lightweight format enable long-term durability and simple transport of hunting rifles equipped with an XLR Industries hunting chassis system.

Lightweight Hunting Chassis System

Lightweight Backcountry Rifle System

Custom Mountain Rifle Built With Element 4.0 Chassis

Designed for all types of hunting situations. The Element 4.0 MG excels as a lightweight chassis system for mountain rifle builds. With multiple accessories to choose from, hunters can obtain the perfect fit to their style of shooting, ultimately making the "perfect shot" second nature.

Deer Hunting Chassis Rifle

Whitetail Deer Hunting Chassis System

XLR Customer's Hunting Rifle Built With ATOM Chassis

Upgrading to an ATOM Chassis System from XLR Industries is an excellent way to enhance your rifle's performance and versatility. Visit XLR Industries today and explore our chassis to find the perfect fit for you. Don't settle for a standard rifle when you can have a customized, high-performance firearm that meets your individual needs. Experience the difference of an upgraded rifle with XLR Industries chassis systems.

Hunting Rifles Built With XLR Chassis Systems