October 22, 2018

2018 National Rifle League Finale | Test the Best

As the official chassis sponsor for the NRL once again for the 2018 season, XLR couldn't have been more excited to see the finale of another great year! The NRL has really stirred things up in the precision rifle world, and this seasons set of matches was no different.

Going into the final match of the year, XLR Pro Shooter Jake Vibbert was tied for first with Jon Pynch. A teammate and competitor that Jake has been next to on the podium all year long, sometimes in front, sometimes behind. So everyone knew the last match was going to be a close call for these two.

The final match was again held up in the northwest, with wide open ranges and home to some of the most diverse shooting areas in the country.

"Precision Rifle Shooters of Idaho brings you the 2018 NRL Test the Best Oktoberfest Championship match – the same team who directed NRL’s inaugural match in 2017!

This precision rifle match will Test the Best and determine the 2018 Champion precision rifle shooter! A limited amount of competitors who competed in the 2018 NRL season and received qualifying scores are invited to this match."

After the last shot was made, and the ring of distant steel faded, Jon came out on top, and Jake in a close second place. The split between first and second within 2 points. And 3rd place finisher, Austin Orgain, within a couple points of that.

XLR is proud to have such amazing shooters and people representing our brand. This year we had numerous team members have podium finishes, top ten finishes and top of the pack finishes. All of which we couldn't be more proud to be a part of.

Thank you to everyone who was a part in making this match, and the entire years of matches one to remember. The support and love from all the amazing companies have truly pushed this sport in the last few years.

As the competitive year comes to a close, with just a few PRS matches left, we can't wait to see what the 2019 season has in store.

October 17, 2018

Custom .338 Lapua Magnum Chassis | Pic of the Week 10-17-18

This week we are showing off Scott's awesome build on the XLR Evolution chassis and Tactical buttstock. Featuring a blueprinted Remington 700 long action, chambered in .338 Lapua Magnum. Check out the full build specs below!

Thank you, Scott, for sending in these beautiful pictures of your rifle! If you would like to be featured in an upcoming Pic of the Week, send us your photos and build specs to info@xlrindustries.com

October 10, 2018

XLR Chassis at the Range | Pic of the Week 10-10-18

Not one, not two, but three XLR chassis systems at the same shooting range! Thank you, Jason, for sharing this awesome picture with us. If you're interested in knowing what each rifle houses, check below.

Far Right:


Far left:

XLR chassis systems are a direct drop-in product. No gunsmithing, bedding, or custom inletting needed. Torque down your action screws, load up a magazine and you're off to the range. Simplest, quickest way to take a standard rifle and make it one of a kind.

If you want your picture to be featured in an upcoming Pic of the Week on our Blog send us photos to info@xlrindustries.com

October 05, 2018

M-LOK Bench Rest Plates | XLR Industries

M-LOK Bench Rest Plate

Needing a bench rest plate for your M-LOK compatible handguard or forend? We got you covered with the new XLR Industries M-LOK Bench Rest Plate. With dimensions of 3" wide by 6" long, this plate easily fits into standard bench rest rigs. Whether it is site-in-day at the range, a weekend bench rest match, or you're a hardcore bench rest shooter, this plate has you covered.

Pair the bench rest plate with the Tactical Bag Rider (for the Tactical Lite, Tactical, and Tactical AR buttstocks only) and you have a sweet new setup for the range.

If you are running a GEN 1 XLR Chassis system, with the round tubular handguards, or non-mlok forends, on the Element, Carbon, Evolution, Evolution HD, or Evolution BMG, we still have the original bench rest plates cut specifically for those chassis. CLICK HERE for the original bench rest plates.

October 03, 2018

Carbon Fiber Savage Chassis | Pic of the Week 10-3-18

Custom Carbon Fiber Chassis

Caleb put together a sweet Savage rifle on a budget, here is what Caleb had to say about his new build;

"Savage model 12 chambered in .308. Nothing custom for barrel or action. And a Vortex Viper 4-16. Pretty simple as I didn’t know much about custom rifles when I put it together. I did do my research on the carbon chassis though and found it was superb. I use it as a fun target rifle, and I will be using it for deer season this year also..."

By upgrading to a chassis system you can quickly unleash the full potential of your off-the-shelf rifle. With the vast adjustments in the buttstock and chassis, you can fit the rifle to your frame. Making your shooting experience much more enjoyable, and those long days at the range more enjoyable.

October 01, 2018

XLR Pro Shooter Daniel Bertocchini Takes Second Place | National Rifle League NCPPRC TBRC 2018

Congratulations to XLR Pro Shooter Daniel Bertocchini on his second place finish at the 2018 National Rifle League NCPPRC Tactical Bolt Rifle Challenge. Daniel has consistently been a top level shooter, with numerous great finishes this year including a win at the Precision Rifle Series Rock Lake Precision Rifle Steel Challenge earlier this year.

To see what Daniel is running this year CLICK HERE to view his XLR shooter profile. And once again, congratulations Daniel!

September 26, 2018

Camo Element Chassis | Pic of the Week 9-26-18

XLR Industries

Here is what Ryan had to say about his XLR Element Chassis System

"All machine work was done by K&R Machine. Thanks for building an awesome chassis!

She is a sweet shooting rifle and best of all custom Cerakote!"

Thank you, Ryan, for sending in this picture of your amazing new custom rifle!

September 19, 2018

Husband & Wife Custom XLR Chassis Rifles | POTW 9-19-18

XLR Evolution and Element Chassis Systems

Left | XLR Industries Evolution - Gen 1

Right | XLR Industries Element - Gen 2

Here is what Steve had to say about our products.


I am submitting these as potential pics of the week.

I purchased the Evolution chassis back when you were getting started and have enjoyed it a lot. The Element was recently purchased for my wife and I put a Savage 12FV into the chassis for her. Both guns have been shot long distance and are regularly shot from a Pig Saddle out to 600 yds. I love everything about the chassis and the great customer service when I have called with questions. I especially like the chassis because of no bedding and not having to buy a bottom metal set up as an add-on. Those two items save a considerable amount of money and time. Both chassis were plug and play and fitment and finish are excellent.

Super nice products at reasonable prices, great value.

Thanks, Steve

September 17, 2018

Ultimate Hunting Chassis | Review by Luke Conner with Long Range Only

Ever wondered if you could use a chassis system for hunting. Short answer. Yes. Check out what Luke Conner, with Long Range Only, has to say about using the XLR chassis systems for hunting.

And not only has he had success with our products, but they work just as well for his 3 children who love to shoot!

September 12, 2018

Custom Savage Envy Chassis Systems | Pic of the Week 9-12-18

This week we wanted to feature some of the coolest looking Envy chassis that we have seen! Both belonging to Wes Karmazin out of Las Vegas. Check out the build list below for these amazing rifles.

XLR Industries

This rifle started life as a Cabela's Black Friday special 12FV that I bought for under 300 dollars. I built this one as a trainer for cheaper practice and for teaching people new to long range shooting. It's capable out to 1000 yards as an analog for shooting bigger stuff out to ELR ranges. Also, it will see service as a varmint rifle shooting off the Gitzo/Really Right Stuff tripod setup.

XLR Industries

This has been my workhorse rifle for over 10 years. It started life as a Savage 10BAS-K .308 and slowly changed into what it is now. I mostly shoot it in our monthly matches at Boulder Rifle and Pistol Club in the Long Range Precision Varmint Silhouette match. It's proven capable out to 1880 yards.

Duracoated by Gordon with Wasteland Arms in Las Vegas. Check out Leading Edge Precision Firearms for similar rifle packages.

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