Collin Fossen - 2020 XLR Pro Shooter

Collin Fossen - 2020 XLR Pro Shooter - Envy Pro Competition Bolt Action Rifle Chassis
Collin Fossen will again be shooting for Team XLR for the 2020 precision rifle season and will be competing in matches in both the National Rifle League (NRL), the Competition Dynamics (CD) series. Collin had a great 2019 season with top 10 finishes at national matches in both leagues and he placed 80th overall in the NRL Points Race.  

This year Collin has his sights set on taking the top spots at the Burris Optics Team Challenge, the Competition Dynamics Steel Safari and the Wyoming Tactical Rifle Championship (WTRC). He will be teaming up with fellow Team XLR member Andy Reinhardt to compete in three separate highly physical field style team matches that will put their skill and gear to the test.  

Collin has participated in competition shooting sports since his youth. He learned basic firearm handling skills from his family and then refined his skill shooting air rifle and pistol through his participation in the Lander, WY 4-H chapter. His more advanced skills were learned after he finished college when he studied books on the subject and began to regularly compete in matches.

“Fear the man with one gun, for he knows how to use it. Practice with your gear so you can use it without conscious thought,” Collin said recalling the best shooting advice he had received.

Collin lives in Wyoming with his family where they enjoy camping, hiking, hunting and being outdoors. To complement his competition shooting activities, he runs Fehu Outdoors, a company that makes soft bags and other competition shooting goods. He is also a brand ambassador for Maven Optics. Collin trusts all his gunsmithing to Precision Shooting of Wyoming and their carbon sleeved barrels.
Collin Fossen on a successful Antelope hunt with his lightweight Element 3.0 Magnesium hunting rifle build  rr

Collin's Advice for New Competition Shooters?

"Show up to any event, and bring your gear. Most of the people I have met through this sport are super passionate about it and are more than willing to share gear so you can find out what you might like. They will also help by sharing tips if you ask for help. The key though is to ask for the help up front and not to struggle through and become frustrated. We are all here to have fun in our free time."
Collin Fossen competing in a Nation Rifle League Precision Rifle Match With his Envy competition Rifle Chassis build

Collin's Favorite Match Memory

"In 2014, I was running a 20” 308 Win and shooting 155 Palma Match King bullets at the Sniper’s Hide Cup. I didn’t realize at the time that I was shooting very well but at the end of the tally, I was in 50th place. Being newer to the sport and knowing that the last year I was 3rd from last, I was very excited about my placement. It happened that I also ended up as the top 308 shooters at the match among all the 6.5mm and other ‘wildcat’ cartridges. I ended up being presented with a brand new 6.5 Creedmoor for my top 308 finish and still use the Stiller action though it has been through 6 different barrels at this point."

Collin's 2020 Competition Rifle 

Collin Fossen's 2020 Precision Rifle Competition Rifle Build on the XLR Envy Pro bolt action rifle chassis