Tikka Rifle Chassis

Chassis For Tikka Rifles

Build the ultimate Tikka chassis rifle! Precision machined from solid 6061 T-6 billet aluminum or AZ61A Magnesium, XLR chassis systems allow you to immediately drop your barreled Tikka T1 or T3 action into your chassis and hit the range. Whether you are looking at building a modular hunting rifle or  competition rifle, any XLR chassis inletted for a Tikka action will get the job done. Get repeated accuracy with XLR chassis systems for Tikka rifles.

How do we achieve a drop in compatible chassis?

XLR chassis systems feature a multi-point radial cut inlet that mirrors your Tikka T1 or T3 receiver, creating a perfect chassis to action union. This inlet method eliminates any external stresses commonly found in traditional or v-block stocks. Using this style of inlet has proven to increase accuracy and repeatability beyond tradition inletting methods. Mounting your Tikka action into an XLR chassis only requires a torque wrench and few minutes of your time.

Tikka T1, T3 Actions Fit The Following XLR Chassis

Element 4.0 MG Chassis
  • Tikka T3 Short Action
  • Tikka T3 Long Action (3.560" Magwell)
  • Tikka T1 (factory magazine only)
Competition Chassis For Tikka Actions
  • Tikka T3 Action (Short Action Calibers Only)
  • Tikka T1 Action (Factory Magazine Only)

Tikka ENVY PRO Chassis

Customer Rifle Chassis Build Using Tikka T3 Action

XLR Customer's Tikka Competition Chassis Rifle

Designed for PRS competition, the ENVY PRO Chassis System has everything you need for your next precision rifle chassis rifle. With an abundance of precision rifle accessories the Envy Pro can be tailored to any competitive shooting style. Paired with our competition weights designed to obtain a perfect balance, you'll find the ENVY PRO checks all the boxes. 

Tikka Varmint Chassis

Rifle Chassis for Tikka

XLR Customer's Tikka Varmint Rifle With Chassis

Designed for all types of hunting situations. The Element 4.0 MG excels as a lightweight Tikka chassis system for mountain rifle builds. With multiple accessories to choose from, hunters can obtain the perfect fit to their style of shooting, ultimately making the "perfect shot" second nature.

XLR Customer's Utilizing Tikka Actions