Tikka Chassis Systems

Chassis For Tikka Rifles

Build the ultimate Tikka chassis rifle! Precision machined from solid 6061 T-6 billet aluminum or AZ61A Magnesium, XLR chassis systems allow you to immediately drop your barreled Tikka T1 or T3 action into your chassis and hit the range. Whether you are looking at building a modular hunting rifle or  competition rifle, any XLR chassis inletted for a Tikka action will get the job done. Get repeated accuracy with XLR chassis systems for Tikka rifles.

What sets XLR’s chassis systems apart is the ease of assembly. The precision machining allows you to immediately install your barreled Tikka T1 or T3 action into the new chassis with seamless precision. There’s no need for gunsmiths or complex fittings; simply drop in the action, torque the provided action screws, and you’re ready to hit the range.

For hunters looking to build a modern precision rifle, the XLR chassis system brings to the table an unparalleled level of adaptability for every type/style of hunting. The rugged construction and precise fit ensure your rifle is equipped to withstand the demands of the great outdoors, giving you the edge when it counts.

Competitive shooters will also find the XLR chassis to be a game-changer. The rigid chassis compared to the factory Tikka Stock, enhances the rifle's accuracy and consistency, which are crucial for competition. With an XLR chassis, you’re not just building a rifle but crafting an instrument of precision.

Additionally, the XLR chassis systems are versatile. Regardless of the specific application, be it hunting or competition, any XLR chassis that is inletted for a Tikka action will efficiently accomplish the task at hand. This eliminates the need to invest in multiple chassis systems for different purposes.

Custom Tikka Chassis Rifle Build With Element 4.0

How do we achieve a drop in compatible chassis?

To achieve a drop in compatible chassis for rifles, specifically referring to Tikka T1 or T3 receivers, one can opt for the XLR chassis system. Below are the key components of the XLR chassis system and how it ensures compatibility, enhances accuracy, and offers an easy installation process.

  1. Multi-point Radial Cut Inlet: One of the distinguishing features of the XLR chassis system is its multi-point radial cut inlet. This inlet is precision-machined to mirror the dimensions and contours of your Tikka T1 or T3 receiver. Because the inlet closely matches the profile of the receiver, it ensures an impeccable chassis-to-action union.
  2. Elimination of External Stresses: Traditional stocks often use a v-block or similar beddings, which can exert uneven pressures on the action. These pressures can distort the receiver and negatively impact the accuracy of the rifle. However, XLR’s multi-point radial cut inlet eliminates these external stresses by providing a stress-free interface between the chassis and the action, ensuring the barreled action stays in its natural state.
  3. Increased Accuracy and Repeatability: The design of the XLR chassis, with its radial cut inlet, has been shown to enhance the accuracy and repeatability of shots. This is because the action is free of unnecessary stress, allowing the barrel to vibrate consistently upon firing. Moreover, the rigid structure of the XLR chassis adds stability, which contributes to maintaining zero and shot-to-shot consistency.
  4. Simple Installation Process: Its design makes it easy to mount your Tikka action into an XLR chassis. Only basic tools, such as a torque wrench, are needed, and the process takes just a few minutes. This is advantageous for those who might not have extensive gunsmithing experience or tools.
  5. Integrated Features and Customization: Beyond the inletting, the XLR chassis all come with intergrated bubble levels for checking the rifles cant, and a machined in RRS 1.5” dovetail known as arca swiss.. Couple these features with the modularity allowing different buttstocks, grips, and bolt on accessories, this lets shooters customize the rifle to fit their shooting style and requirements.
  6. Compatibility with Other Components: Besides ensuring a perfect fit with the Tikka T1 or T3 receivers, it’s important that the XLR chassis is compatible with the other components of the rifle, like the trigger, magazine, and safety mechanisms. This ensures that the shooter can effectively operate the rifle without any hindrance.

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Tikka T1, T3 Actions Fit The Following XLR Chassis

Element 4.0 MG Chassis
  • Tikka T3 Short Action
  • Tikka T3 Long Action (3.560" Magwell)
  • Tikka T1 (factory magazine only)
Competition Chassis For Tikka Actions
  • Tikka T3 Action (Short Action Calibers Only)
  • Tikka T1 Action (Factory Magazine Only)

Tikka ENVY PRO Chassis

Customer Rifle Chassis Build Using Tikka T3 Action

XLR Customer's Tikka Competition Chassis Rifle

Designed for PRS competition, the ENVY PRO Chassis System has everything you need for your next precision rifle chassis rifle. With an abundance of precision rifle accessories the Envy Pro can be tailored to any competitive shooting style. Paired with our PRS competition weights designed to obtain a perfect balance, you'll find the ENVY PRO checks all the boxes. 

Tikka Varmint Chassis

Rifle Chassis for Tikka

XLR Customer's Tikka Varmint Rifle With Chassis

Designed for all types of hunting situations. The Element 4.0 MG excels as a lightweight Tikka chassis system for mountain rifle builds. With multiple accessories to choose from, hunters can obtain the perfect fit to their style of shooting, ultimately making the "perfect shot" second nature.

XLR Customer's Utilizing Tikka Actions