The Best Remington 700 Chassis System 2019 | XLR Industries

Looking to upgrade your factory Remington 700 stock? XLR Industries has been making world-class chassis systems for both short and long action Remington actions since 2010.

XLR Industries Remington 700 Chassis

Whether you're looking to upgrade to begin shooting in NRL or PRS precision rifle competitions or wanting to make your off-the-shelf Remington much more comfortable to shoot, you've come to the right place.

Our chassis systems are direct drop-in applications. Requiring zero gunsmithing, bedding or downtime. Simply drop your barreled action in. Torque the action screws to spec and you're off to the range.

Remington 700 Chassis at the Range XLR

Fitting the rifle to you, or anyone who gets behind it is made easy with our fully-adjustable buttstock. Featuring 12-15" of Length of Pull adjustment (can be extended or shortened depending on buffer tube configuration) Cheek riser height adjustment for acquiring the perfect cheek weld and eye relief on your optic. As well as recoil pad height and cant adjustments for really dialing in your shoulder pocket.

Adjustable Remington 700 Chassis

Remington actions have been the go-to platform for years, and what most custom action companies base their footprint from. Making it the perfect candidate for your next or first chassis system. With the wide array of upgrades and custom accessories for the Remington actions, you will have a wonderful system for generations to come.

And with your Rem 700 in an XLR chassis, you'll have a rifle that is leaps and bounds above the factory setup. Making it more enjoyable to shoot for the whole family.

Remington 700 Chassis for Youth Hunters