C-6 Buttstock Install + Adjustments

XLR Industries C-6 Buttstock Install and Adjustments

XLR is super excited to inform you our C-6 buttstock is now in stock and available for stand-alone purchase. This buttstock takes the XLR chassis to the next level with toolless adjustability and new features that have not been available on previous XLR buttstocks. The toolless adjustability allows you to adjust your Length of pull, cheek piece height, and recoil pad height all on the fly! This allows shooters to get a precision fitment out of your rifle no matter the weather.

In the morning have your length of pull shortened while you are wearing your puffy jacket. Once it heats up, simply loosen the thumbscrew and extend your length of pull out keeping the rifle to shooter interface exactly the same! We have also added new adjustments like cheek rest cast.

XLR C-6 Adjustable Buttstock W/Toolless Design

This allows shooters to get a straighter sight alignment and creates a more repeatable position from shot to shot. Cheek rest cast has been seen in custom stocks in the past but never before seen on a chassis rifle. You can now appreciate even quicker adjustments and better fitment with the C-6 buttstock!

The C-6 buttstock has a stand alone weight of 24 oz. Although this is a little more than the carbon buttstock, the precision fitment is worth it for hunts that do not require the lightest gear possible. This is also a great way to have the rifle fit shooters with a smaller body build. We offer the C-6 with two different length of pull adapters which creates 4 different length of pull options.

  • Short fixed- 12-13 inches.
  • Short folding- 13.5-14.5.
  • Long fixed- 13.5-14.5.
  • Long Folding- 15-16 inches.

With all of these options you can fit the rifle to anyone in the family with ease! The C6 buttstock takes your XLR chassis to the next level and we are very excited to see them getting banged around this hunting season. If you have any questions let us know. 

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C-6 Adjustable Buttstock on XLR Hunting Chassis