Smoke Ultralight Carbon Fiber Buttstock

  • The Smoke Carbon Fiber Buttstock offers a robust and lightweight rifle buttstock option for situations when every ounce of weight matters. It features an adjustable cheek rest, limb-saver recoil pad, and M-LOK slots. Our Smoke Carbon Buttstock Bag Rider attaches via the M-LOK slot along with either our Quick-Detach Sling Adapter or Bipod / Sling Adapter. Of course, the raw clear coat carbon finish adds to the cool factor as well.

    *Not Compatible with AR platforms.

    WEIGHT: 11.5 oz (With Cheek Rest) 5 oz (W/O Cheek Rest) *Weights include castle nut.

  • Instructions: Click here for Chassis/Buttstock Instructions.

    WARRANTY: All Carbon products sold by XLR Industries carry a warranty to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 1-year from the date of purchase. Carbon products are not warrantied for “impact” or “hard contact” damage.


    How to Customize Your Smoke Ultralight Carbon Fiber Buttstock

    When it comes to upgrading your firearm, weight matters. Choosing an ultralight carbon fiber buttstock can make a world of difference in both performance and comfort. In particular, the smoke ultralight carbon fiber buttstock is gaining popularity among enthusiasts and professionals alike. In this article, we will explore how we have customized XLR's very own smoke carbon fiber buttstock, enhancing its functionality while keeping your rifle weight down.

    The Appeal of Carbon Fiber

    Carbon fiber is known for being extremely lightweight and durable. This makes it an ideal material for rifle buttstocks. XLR Industries is one of the prominent players in the market, and many carbon products sold by them, as well as by Smoke Composites, are highly sought after. A lightweight rifle buttstock option such as carbon fiber is especially useful in competitive shooting and hunting, where every ounce counts.

    Adjustable Cheek Rest

    The buttstocks come equipped with an adjustable cheek rest that is made out of carbon fiber. The height of the cheek rest is adjustable, and you can locate the entire assembly forward and aft on the buttstock for eye relief. XLR has the height slots specifically longer per our specification, giving shooters plenty of adjustment. To make this even more comfortable after acquiring the perfect fit, add the Carbon Cheek Rest foam!

    LimbSaver Recoil Pad

    While carbon fiber is excellent for reducing weight, you still need something for recoil absorption. That’s where the included LimbSaver Recoil Pad comes into play. This recoil pad handles recoil absorption while still being one of the most minimalist recoil pads on the market, keeping the weight of the stock down.

    M-Lok Slots for Additional Accessories

    M-Lok slots are an integral part of customizing your carbon fiber buttstock. These slots allow you to attach various accessories like the Carbon Bag Rider or a sling mount. Smoke Composites and XLR Industries carry M-Lok compatible accessories. M-Lok slots will enable you to adapt your rifle to different shooting scenarios efficiently.

    Ultimate Ultra-Lightweight Buttstock

    The Smoke Ultralight Carbon Fiber Buttstock is the culmination of aesthetic’s and function. The perfect combination with XLR’s lightweight magnesium chassis systems to build the perfect long-range precision rifle with top shelf components and keeping the rifle light.

Total Extras: $ 0.00
Total Build Price: $ 399.00

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