Win number 35 For Jake Vibbert

Jake Vibbert

About Professional Shooter Jake Vibbert

Jake Vibbert is one of those names that continues to sit at the top of the Precision Rifles Series. Jake has been shooting Precision Rifles series competitions since 2013. Since then, he has won 35 National matches, which makes him one of the most decorated shooters in the sport. One of his most significant accomplishments was winning the inaugural AG Cup in 2019, walking away with a $20,000 check! Not only is Jake a shooter, but his company JC Steel also sponsors dozens of matches around the country!

Training for PRS Matches with Jake Vibbert

Jake takes a slow and methodical approach to his shooting. I have heard numerous shooters say, "I could have sworn he wasn't going to have enough time," but he always finishes. Jake has created an online shooting course (available here) that is great for not only the beginning shooter, but even a seasoned veteran can pick up on a few tricks of the trade. In this course, he goes through gear, positions, strategizing, and wind reading tips. He always likes to preach his moto BTF (breath, trigger control, follow through). This approach to every shot continues to place him at the top of matches year after year.

Jakes Rifle & Competition Gear

Jake has seen a vast amount of gear throughout the years and helped develop many tools that drive the precision rifle industry. Jake has shot competitively for XLR since 2014 and has been an immense help in product development for the constantly evolving precision rifle competitions. The Envy design and all its iterations have been heavily due to Jake and his involvement in positional shooting, and when the Envy Pro came out, there was a lot of focus on the forend and weight accessories.

Because of this, we offer the JV Competition Kit named after Jake. This accessory kit comes with everything Jake and many national shooters use. Jake's product feedback was not only seen by XLR, but Benchmark barrels and US Optics also designed products around Jake's thoughts. You can take note of the VCC Contour (Vibbert competition contour) from benchmark barrels along with the JVCR Reticle offered in the USO Foundation 25x. These are both products that you will see at almost every PRS match!

Jake's product feedback was not only seen by XLR, but Benchmark barrels and US Optics also designed products around Jake's thoughts. 

Although this match marks national win number 35, it is far more than that for XLR. Jakes commitment to helping the shooting community every day is what really makes us honored to have him as part of the XLR Family.