Jake Vibbert | 2022 XLR Pro Shooter

Jake Vibbert XLR Pro Team Shooter

Hometown: Cheney, WA 

Facebook: Jake Vibbert 

Instagram: @jcsteeltargets & @jake_vibbert

About: Residing in Cheney Washington, Jake owns JC Steel targets Inc. and is a strong competitor in the Precision Rifle Series and the National Rifle League. In just five years, he has earned an impressive shooting resume with consistent top finishes at the national level events. In fact, Jake has compiled more wins than any other Shooter in the United States at national level Precision Rifle Series and National rifle League events during that span.  

Jake travels the country shooting and teaching precision rifle classes. He has also put together the first online Precision Rifle Training series of its kind. Gaining viewers from all over the world. 

A devoted husband and father, Jake, has formal degrees in sports medicine and youth ministry. An avid outdoors-man, he enjoys hunting and fishing with his family and mentoring youth through his ministry service.

Make an introduction to Jake and you’ll be responded to instantly with a big grin and firm handshake. One is hard pressed to find a nicer person.

2022 Top Finishes:

  • 1st Place - Parma Precision Rifle Rumble (Open Division)
  • 5th Place - NRL Ghost Hunter (Open Heavy Division)

2020 Top Finishes:

  • 1st Place - Retro Tactical Precision Rifle Challenge (PRS)
  • 2nd Place - Parma Precision Rifle Rumble (PRS) 

2019 Top Finishes:

  • 1st Place - AG Cup 
  • 2nd Place  - Accuracy International Long Range Classic (PRS)
  • 2nd Place - California Sharpshooter Showdown (PRS)
  • 1st Place - Quiet Riot (PRS)
  • 3rd Place - Parma Precision Rifle Rumble (PRS)
  • 1st Place - Defy the Distance (PRS Qualifier)
  • 2nd Place - Karstetter (RTC)
  • 2nd Place - Rifles Only (NRL)
  • 2nd Place - Dog Valley Precision (NRL)
  • 1st Place - Mile High Shootout (NRL) 
  • 1st Place - Rock Lake (NRL)
  • 1st Place - Monster Lake Mayhem (NRL) 

2018 Top Finishes:

  • 2nd Overall - 2018 season National Rifle League
  • 4th Overall - 2018 season Precision Rifle Series
  • 1st Place - Lone Survivor Foundation Benefit Match (PRS)
  • 1st Place - Tactical Precision Rifle Challenge (PRS)
  • 1st Place - Bighorn Steel Classic (NRL)
  • 1st Place - Mile High Shootout (NRL)
  • 1st Place - Punisher Positional (NRL)
  • 2nd Place - Rock Lake Steel Challenge (NRL)
  • 2nd Place - Test The Best Oktoberfest Championship (NRL
  • 2nd Place - Rocky Mountain Mayhem (PRS)
  • 2nd Place - Rock Lake Precision Rifle Steel Challenge (PRS)
  • 3rd Place - Dog Valley Precision Challenge (NRL)

2017 Top Finishes:

  • 1st Place - Rock Lake (PRS)
  • 1st Place - New Mexico (PRS)
  • 1st Place - Mill Creek (PRS)
  • 1st Place - Tactical Supply (PRS)
  • 3rd Place - New England (PRS)
  • 1st Place - Rock Lake Rifle Range NW Precision Rifle League
  • 2nd Place - Lonestar (PRS)
  • 1st Place - Colorado (NRL)
  • 1st Place - Utah (NRL)
  • 3rd Place - Idaho (NRL)
  • 2nd Place - New Mexico (NRL)
  • 2nd Place - National Rifle League Championship
  • 1st place - NW Precision Rifle League season championship

Competition Rifle Configuration:

XLR ENVY™ Pro (JV Competition Kit)
US OPTICS B series 25
TriggerTech Diamond Trigger
Curtis Custom Vector Action
Alamo Precision Rifles
Benchmark Barrel
ZRO Delta mounts and brakes
Hornady Bullets