Is upgrading to a chassis system worth it? | Pic of the Week 9-5-18

XLR Industries

A question we receive a lot, "Is upgrading to a chassis system really worth the extra money?"

Of course being a manufacturer of rifle chassis systems we are going to tell you that upgrading to a chassis system is the best way to go to enhance your shooting experience. Here are a few reasons to back that up. 

Modularity. Allows the end user to change, swap and outfit their rifle to suit whatever purpose they desire. Sometimes without having to loosen a single nut or bolt. And the integration of today's widely used 1.5" RRS dovetail system has set us apart from the competition once again.

Increase in accuracy and repeatability. Our multi-point radial cut inlet contacts the receiver with more than 100 designated high points. Mimicking high-end glass bedding but with the ability to change barreled actions in minutes.

Adjustability. You can adjust the same buttstock and chassis system to fit a 6'0" man and a 5'0" child in a matter of minutes. XLR buttstocks have the largest range of adjustment compared to anyone in our class.

Price point. If you look into a traditional rifle stock, with a detachable box magazine system, 99% of the time those traditional stocks will cost more. Not to mention gunsmithing costs for bedding and inletting the stock. With our chassis system, you have it all right out of the box and within minutes your action can be bolted up and shooting.

Common misconceptions on rifle chassis for the traditional shooter, whether it be for hunting, target shooting or competing, can easily be settled with a little research.

And if you ever have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 970-241-1807 or send us an email to info@xlrindustries.com. We would be happy to help steer you in the right direction, whether it involves using our products or not!

And thank you, Jason, for sending in the picture of your rifle!