Custom Savage Envy Chassis Systems | Pic of the Week 9-12-18

This week we wanted to feature some of the coolest looking Envy chassis that we have seen! Both belonging to Wes Karmazin out of Las Vegas. Check out the build list below for these amazing rifles.

XLR Industries

This rifle started life as a Cabela's Black Friday special 12FV that I bought for under 300 dollars. I built this one as a trainer for cheaper practice and for teaching people new to long range shooting. It's capable out to 1000 yards as an analog for shooting bigger stuff out to ELR ranges. Also, it will see service as a varmint rifle shooting off the Gitzo/Really Right Stuff tripod setup.

XLR Industries

This has been my workhorse rifle for over 10 years. It started life as a Savage 10BAS-K .308 and slowly changed into what it is now. I mostly shoot it in our monthly matches at Boulder Rifle and Pistol Club in the Long Range Precision Varmint Silhouette match. It's proven capable out to 1880 yards.

Duracoated by Gordon with Wasteland Arms in Las Vegas. Check out Leading Edge Precision Firearms for similar rifle packages.