Evolution HD | Pic of the Week 12-5-18

Boy, I wish I had this setup in my backyard! Check out this monster of a build, featuring a Stiller Tac 338 in our XLR Evolution HD Chassis. Specifically designed to work with XL or 'oversized' actions and calibers, this chassis can handle some truly heavy equipment.

Taking up the rear of his chassis is our most popular platform, the Tactical Buttstock. Which features length of pull adjustment, cheek riser height adjustment, recoil pad height adjustment, and recoil pad cant adjustment. Once adjusted, shouldering even these large caliber rifles becomes a breeze.

Today's featured rifle is chambered in .338 Lapua Improved. These rounds push some serious power down a 30" (1-9.5" twist) Bartlein Barrel to a massive Terminator T3 Muzzle BrakeBut not to worry, the additional weight and adjustability of the chassis system and buttstock keep this shooting experience enjoyable. With increases in accuracy and repeatability due to our multi-point radial cut inlet and free-floating barrel channel.

The eyes down range are powered by a Nightforce ATACR 7-35x56 F1 power optic, mounted on top of a 20 MOA Stiller Scope Base. Mounted on the scope base is one of our XLR Picatinny Bubble Levels. This little device helps you see and correct for cant when behind the rifle with its high-vis green bubble level. Whether its steel or big game nothing is safe downrange, even way downrange.

Creating the boom for this big rifle is a Jewell Trigger. Which can be directly attached to your action in our chassis systems without any clearance issues. Nearly every factory or aftermarket trigger fits our system, including new actions that feature a trigger-hanger over the standard pin style hanger.

XLR is one of the only chassis manufacturers to create a product for this XL actions and systems. Unlike a traditional wood or fiberglass stock, our products are direct drop-in applications that require ZERO gunsmithing or modifications for inletting your action. Eliminating downtime, increasing accuracy and repeatability and giving you more time at the range.

Our chassis can be inletted for more than 300 different actions in both left and right-hand configurations. (See our inlet list HERE) Making it possible for more shooters to experience the difference a chassis system makes over a traditional stock. Even if you're a southpaw, you can get a chassis system from us.

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