Carbon Fiber Chassis System Upgrade | Pic of the Week 10-31-18

XLR Industries

We love seeing pictures of completed rifles built on our chassis systems. What we love, even more, is knowing that we have earned our customers business by going above and beyond to make their shooting experience the best it can be.

This is what Chris Summers had to say about his experience with XLR and his new Carbon Chassis system.

"Here's a little about my setup; it's predominantly used equipment... I picked up a used factory rifle about 5 years ago and have only recently (April 2018) started putting together a long-range precision rig. I have gotten into the PRS addiction with the help of some of my friends and am working toward competing in next year's Gap Grind at K&M Precision. The only upgrade I am planning in the near future is a new optic (Vortex, Night Force, or Schmidt Bender). I've attached a couple of extra photos; hopefully, they will help.  The photo I originally submitted was from the Wisconsin Precision Rifle Steel Challenge (WPRSC) club match in September where I was able to go 9 out of 10 at 1000 yds on a standard IPSC target."   
Rife Breakdown:

"By far and away the biggest improvement in the accuracy of my system, over factory stock, has been the XLR Carbon Chassis. The Hogue-overmolded factory stock was flimsy and flexed with even the slightest pressure. The chassis is rugged and extremely well constructed. I am planning another build in the next 2 years and plan to utilize another XLR Chassis for it."
"I can personally attest to the excellent team at XLR. I have contacted them on a couple of occasions with problems or just questions and they are prompt! Not just with an automated response, but with an actual response and solutions. I can think of one issue in particular where I had stripped 2 screws on the buttstock only days before my second match... I contacted them and they responded that evening and it was followed up with a phone call as well. They had me back up and operational with time to spare before the match. This completely blew me away; I thought I was going to have to miss it."
"Thank you for your time and great service; you've definitely earned my business!!"
Chris Summers

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