Bergara B14 Upgrade

Bergara B14 Rimfire Chassis Rifle Upgrade

Upgrading your Bergara B14 rimfire chassis.

With the surge of NRL 22 matches taking place around the nation, the Bergara B14R has been a hot topic. The Bergara B14R is a great “bang for the buck rifle” to get into the sport, but it will not hold you back as you progress your shooting skills. The rifles come with a factory stock that has an adjustable LOP, and adjustable cheek piece which makes it a great stock for getting started. Once you progress and want to upgrade the rifle, that is where Bergara shines! The actions are a Remington 700 clone, so they work with Remington 700 Chassis and triggers. This is a huge benefit to make sure you can use all the popular precision rifle equipment.

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Bergara B14 Rimfire Chassis

Although the factory stocks are great for starting out in NRL/PRS 22, there are some upgrades that really help as you become more competitive! I started out by upgrading from the factory stock to the XLR Envy Pro Chassis. The biggest reason for the upgrade was the full length arca, enlarged mag well, and the adjustable DBM. All these features really helped make sure my rifle performed consistently from match to match and did not have any issues.

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TriggerTech Diamond for Bergara B14

The next upgrade that I felt was necessary was the trigger. The Bergara triggers are one of the best factory triggers I have felt! With that being said, it was hard for me to transition between it and my TriggerTech diamond on my centerfire rifle. That was the only reason for the change, and I do not think it is a do or die upgrade, but I like to keep everything the same!

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L3I 14 round Bergara Magazine

Another nice addition that I found was the L3I 14 round Bergara Magazine. This was a great way to reduce the amount of mag changes that were needed in a match. Most of the 22X matches seem to have a lot of 12 and 14 round stages so a 14 round mag only made sense! This mag has worked very well so far, and I have not had any issues with feeding!

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Once all these upgrades were complete, I was into the rifle around $2250. While I would not call this a budget rifle, it is far cheaper than some other options on the market and performs very well! I currently have 3 of them set up all the same way and they all shoot under ¾ moa at 100 yards when paired with quality ammo.