2018 National Rifle League Finale | Test the Best

As the official chassis sponsor for the NRL once again for the 2018 season, XLR couldn't have been more excited to see the finale of another great year! The NRL has really stirred things up in the precision rifle world, and this seasons set of matches was no different.

Going into the final match of the year, XLR Pro Shooter Jake Vibbert was tied for first with Jon Pynch. A teammate and competitor that Jake has been next to on the podium all year long, sometimes in front, sometimes behind. So everyone knew the last match was going to be a close call for these two.

The final match was again held up in the northwest, with wide open ranges and home to some of the most diverse shooting areas in the country.

"Precision Rifle Shooters of Idaho brings you the 2018 NRL Test the Best Oktoberfest Championship match – the same team who directed NRL’s inaugural match in 2017!

This precision rifle match will Test the Best and determine the 2018 Champion precision rifle shooter! A limited amount of competitors who competed in the 2018 NRL season and received qualifying scores are invited to this match."

After the last shot was made, and the ring of distant steel faded, Jon came out on top, and Jake in a close second place. The split between first and second within 2 points. And 3rd place finisher, Austin Orgain, within a couple points of that.

XLR is proud to have such amazing shooters and people representing our brand. This year we had numerous team members have podium finishes, top ten finishes and top of the pack finishes. All of which we couldn't be more proud to be a part of.

Thank you to everyone who was a part in making this match, and the entire years of matches one to remember. The support and love from all the amazing companies have truly pushed this sport in the last few years.

As the competitive year comes to a close, with just a few PRS matches left, we can't wait to see what the 2019 season has in store.