M-LOK™ Quick-Detach Sling Adapter

M-LOK™ Quick-Detach Sling Adapter provides a forward attachment point for push-button QD slings. Low profile and lightweight, the XLR QD Mount features an anti-rotation design and is beveled to reduce snagging on gear.

This mount is machined from Mil-Spec anodized aluminum and can be mounted in one slot or in between adjacent slots. It accepts standard push-button sling swivels. All hardware necessary for direct attachment to M-LOK™ slots are included, and no modifications to the M-LOK™ handguard or forend are required.

*PLEASE NOTE: This product does not fit GEN 1 Element, Evolution, or Carbon chassis. This will fit any M-LOK™ compatible component, including new XLR Element, Evolution, Envy or Carbon chassis. CLICK HERE to determine which generation chassis you have.

**WEIGHT: .3 ounces.

Advantages and Benefits of a Quick Detach Sling System

The M-LOK™ Quick-Detach Sling Adapter by XLR Industries is a quick to install and field proven method for sling attachment. An attachment point for push-button QD slings has become necessary for various applications, from military operations to sporting activities. The M-LOK™ system allows you an additional QD mount on any AR platform or bolt action chassis like our Element 4.0. Offering a a lightweight design, low profile, and ease of installation backed by industry expertise.

Top 3 Advantages of the M-LOK™ QD Sling Mount 

  1. Low Profile Design In the field, snagging on gear can be more than a mere inconvenience; it can be a critical failure point. The sling mount’s beveled edges minimize this risk, reflecting a deep understanding of real-world operational demands.
  2. Lightweight Construction Utilizing Mil-Spec anodized aluminum, this M-LOK™ QD Sling Mount system combines strength with a lightweight structure. 
  3. Anti-Rotation Feature Incorporated in the M-LOK™ sling mount offers stability and minimizes unexpected twisting in the rifles sling. The industry has observed that such design innovations contribute to the user's confidence and the system's overall safety.

Installation and Compatibility

Easy Installation

The flexibility to mount in one M-LOK slot or between adjacent M-LOK™ slots demonstrates an understanding of users' varying needs. With attachment directly to M-LOK™ slots without modifications to the M-LOK™ handguard or forend, the installation process becomes a seamless task.

*PLEASE NOTE: This product does not fit GEN 1 Element, Evolution, or Carbon chassis. This will fit any M-LOK™ compatible component, including new XLR Element 4.0, Envy Pro, ATOM or Gen II Evolution and Carbon chassis packages. CLICK HERE to determine which generation chassis you have.

Sling Compatibility 

Acceptance of standard push-button QD swivels ensures broad compatibility. Experience in the field has revealed that such adaptability is crucial in accommodating different types of slings that are tailored for different shooting applications. Push button Quick Detach (QD) slings allows you to change slings quick and easy in the field or on the work bench. 

Application Scenarios

Military & Law Enforcement

Tactical environments demand reliability and efficiency. For certain rifles and AR15 type platforms a single point sling can be very beneficial for handling and transitioning to secondary firearms. With other long guns a two point sling will be required to comfortable carry the rifle and keep it secure during treks. Either sling design utilizing push button QD hardware allows the change and adaptability a breaze. With the sling adapter being M-LOK™ compatibile the desired sling attachment point can located anywhere M-LOK™ slots are available. The simplicity of this design easily meets these demands, reflecting a synthesis of industry insights and practical experience.

Outdoor & Sporting 

In sporting applications, the lightweight construction of Mil-Spec anodized aluminum adds to the system's appeal for any application where keeping the weight minimal is important. It allows for prolonged use, giving the end-user an advantage in endurance events and long-haul excursions where every ounce matters. You can add 3 of these QD sling adapters and not even add one ounce! 

Rifle hunters are always trying to discover the optimal method of carrying their rifle for prolounged trips in the backcountry. Some choose to use traditional two point rifle slings, some with a gun bearer system susspended off the backpack, and recently many preferring the benefit of a folding chassis allowing a compact system secured to the pack or right inside of it! How ever you carry your hunting rifle a M-LOK™ Quick-Detach Sling Adapter is easy to install and take off allowing you to decide what system you want leading up to different types of hunts. Or even better due to how compact the adapter is leave it on, and choose to add the sling in the field if desired with the ease of just a push of a button. 

Get Your M-LOK™ Quick-Detach Sling Adapter at XLR today!

The M-LOK™ Quick-Detach Sling Adapter is more than a mere accessory; it culminates industry know-how and field-tested experience. Its low profile, anti-rotation design, and robustness of Mil-Spec anodized aluminum construction reflect a deep understanding of user needs and operational realities. 

From professional applications to recreational use, the M-LOK™ system offers unmatched versatility and function with its forward attachment point for push-button QD slings. Its frequent purchase by professionals and enthusiasts alike is a testament to its efficacy and thoughtful design, backed by the unyielding commitment to quality and innovation demonstrated by XLR Industries.

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