M-LOK™ Barricade Stop

The XLR Micro Barricade Stop mounts to any M-LOK™™ rail system handguard, providing the shooter with a stable platform when shooting from a barricade or other eccentric shooting position. Aggressive texturing for a solid grip when firing and strong 6061-T6 aluminum construction make it an ideal choice. Available in a black anodized finish, this stop will withstand the abuse and rugged use of tactical and competition shooters. The micro-sizing makes for a compact and lightweight addition to your shooting platform.


Product Details 

The XLR Micro Barricade Stop is manufactured at our facility in the USA out of 6061 aluminum. Keeping it light, yet rugged allowing the shooter to brace their firearm off barricades, competition props or window/door frames. This will help stabilize the rifle quickly making that previosuly unstable shooting position stable increasing your accuracy. 

The face of the barricade stop has aggressive texturing that will easily bite into wood, and is durable enough to still grip on concrete. The barricade face is slightly curved allowing the rifle to still have pivoting capabilities while loaded into the barricade aiding in target acquisition. With a anodized finish this sharp M-LOK™ accessory will hold up for years of abuse and can be installed in many fashions where ever M-LOK™ slots are located on the firearm. 

Barricade Application

Common applications for the M-LOK™ Micro Barricade Stop can be on any barricades in precision rifle competitions like from the Precision Rifle Series, National Rifle League, and one of the OG’s Competition Dynamics. Popular amongst law enforcemnet officers needing a compact solution for stabilizing off window/door frames with both precision rifles and AR-15 platforms. 

M-LOK™ Compatibility

These Barricade stops can be used on any rifle or carbine system that is M-LOK™ compatible. Only utilizing one full M-LOK™ slot the micro size of this accessory allows plenty of other space for your favorite M-LOK™ accessories to be used around the same area of the firearm. All current XLR chassis systems are M-LOK™ compatible, but older generations were not. Please see the note and always feel free to call us with any compatibility concerns. 

*PLEASE NOTE: This product does not fit GEN 1 Element, Evolution, or Carbon chassis. This will fit any M-LOK™ compatible component, including new XLR Element 4.0, Envy Pro, ATOM or Gen II Evolution and Carbon chassis packages. CLICK HERE to determine which generation chassis you have.

Product Specifications 

WEIGHT: 0.8 ounces

Dimensions: 1.5” X 0.6” X 0.8”

Material: 6061 Aluminum

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