TLC Precision Rifle Grip

The TLC Precision Rifle Grip is an upgrade option on all XLR rifle chassis systems. This flat top AR style precision rifle grip features a nearly vertical design with an extra large palm swell. The unique shape and design of this grip provide precision rifle shooters with a platform unlike anything else on the market today.

*WEIGHT: 6 ounces.

Product Details 

This precision rifle grip is designed and manufactured by TLC Grips which is a family owned business that focuses on helping other shooters with the ultimate pursuit of accuracy! The grip of the rifle is a crucial componet in achieving the top accuracy out of your rifle. This precision grip helps place the shooter’s hand and fingers in the right place allowing proper trigger control and bolt manipulation. This really helps reduce the stresses the shooter can un-intentionally induce into the rifle. The grip is a vertical rifle grip with natural palm swell made out of tough, durable, rubber over-mold and lastly is ambidextrous! 

Precision Grip Compatibility

Because it is a flat top AR-15 style grip it can be used on many of your popular rifle chassis systems and of course any carbine rifle systems like AR-15 and AR-10’s. The grip is provided with the hardware required to attach to the rifle using AR style grips. 

Product Specifications 

WEIGHT: 6 ounces

Dimensions: 4.25” X 2.9” X 2”

Material: Durable Ruber

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