Element 3.0 Magnesium Chassis

  • The Element 3.0 Magnesium is an ultra-lightweight modular hunting rifle chassis designed for the backcountry hunter. The standalone chassis, without buttstock or grip, weighs only 16 oz. When configured with a carbon fiber buttstock and carbon fiber grip the system weight is just 28 oz. This ultralight configuration is the first rifle chassis system in the world to weigh under 2 lbs!

  • Machined from AZ61A Magnesium, the Element 3.0 Mg retains all the strength and durability for which our rifle chassis systems are known, but at a fraction of the weight! This is the ultimate lightweight, modular chassis platform for the backcountry outdoorsman! 

  • ** Expect extended lead times due to the popularity of this product. Our current lead time estimate is approximately 12-16 weeks. Call 970-241-1807 for more information on specific inlets**

  •  Chassis can be inlet for:
    • Remington 700 Short Action
    • Remington 700 Long Action with a 3.850" magwell
    • Remington 700 Clones Short & Long Action
    • Remington 783 Short Action 
    • Howa 1500 Short Action
    • Savage Short (10,11,12,14,16) top and bottom bolt releases
    • Savage Axis Short Action
    • Tikka T3 Short Action
    • Tikka T3 Long Action with a 3.56” magwell
    • CZ 457 Rimfire (factory magazine only)
    • Machined from solid AZ61A Magnesium
    • Multi-point radial cut inlet eliminates the need for traditional V-Block or Glass Bedding
    • MLOK™ compatible forend
    • Integrated detachable box magazine system (Magazine sold separately)
    • Utilizes AICS pattern magazines
    • Compatible with factory and aftermarket trigger systems
    • Weight starts at 16 ounces, varies slightly based on the action inlet (Not including buttstock or grip)
    • Configured with the Smoke Carbon Buttstock, Carbon Grip, the complete package weighs 28 ounces!
    • Configured with the TR-2 Buttstock, Ergo Tactical deluxe Grip, the complete package weighs 2 pounds 10 ounces!
  • Shipping: All chassis systems ship via UPS ground for a $20 flat rate, and are expected to be delivered in 3-5 business days within the continental U.S. CLICK HERE for more details.

    NOTE: The Magpul PRS Buttstock and similar buttstocks with molded-in anti-rotation dowels require modification to be used on our chassis system

    NOTE: Under license of U.S. Patents 10,132,583 and 10,215,519 

    LEAD TIME: Approximate 12-16 week lead time depending on the configuration. Please call (970) 241-1807 for specific lead times.

A popular choice for those looking for a chassis system that can be configured for target shooting, hunting or competition.
Total Extras: $ 0.00
Total Build Price: $ 553.50

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