Trygve Sowa | 2023 XLR Team Shooter

Trygve Sowa | XLR Pro Team Shooter For 2023

Hometown: Coeur d alene, ID

Facebook: Trygve Sowa

Instagram: Trygve_Sowa

About: I started shooting with a bolt action 22. right handed, and that’s when my dad figured out I was a lefty and it would be expensive. I shot my first precision rifle match in 2016 and I got hooked. I’m very competitive and enjoy the thrill that shooting brings and hope to continue my journey in the sport. I started shooting competitively when I was around 10 years old, now i’m 16. When i’m not shooting I enjoy playing football in the spring and messing around with rc cars.

2022 Top Finishes

  • PRS NW regional finale 13th
  • PRS barrel burner lead farm 15th
  • NRL gemstate standoff 1st young gun
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2021 Top Competition Finishes

  • NRL season finale 1st junior
  • NRL JC steel challenge top youth
  • RTC 1st limited season champ

Competition Rifle Configuration

Chassis: XLR Envy Pro
Chassis Accessories: Envy Pro PRS Competition Weight Kit
Buttstock: XLR C-6 buttstock
Caliber: 6mm dasher
Unknown munitions chamber
Barrel: Proof barrel
Trigger: Bix ‘n andy tac sport pro
Optics: Leupold Mark 5 5-25 PR2
Bipod: Ckye bipod
Brass: Alpha munitions brass
Powder: Hodgdon H4350
Primers: CCI 450 primers
Rear Bag: Armageddon gear shmedium