Sponsorship and Contingency Program


As of November 1st, 2018, XLR is accepting applications for sponsorship for the 2019 season! Please read below, download the form and send in your application before midnight December 21st, 2018 to be considered for the 2019 XLR Pro Shooter Team!

Every year, XLR is proud to sponsor shooters from around the country at Competition Dynamics, NRL, and PRS sanctioned events. XLR has consistently supported the competitive shooting community including Competition Dynamics, NRL, and PRS since their inception. Our team, like our products, is consistently at the top of the leaderboard. We are always looking for talented and dedicated shooters to support our growing community.

Do you think you have what it takes to shoot for Team XLR? If so, we would love to hear from you. Please download and fill out the 2019 Official Application


Meet the 2018 XLR Team


The XLR Contingency Program is open to any professional shooter who meets the below requirements. You do not have to be officially sponsored by XLR to redeem contingency payouts. If you have placed appropriately in either a PRS or NRL sanctioned event and have met the additional below requirements, please contact us at info@xlrindustries.com for further information within 30 calendar days of the event. 

Contingency Program Requirements 

• The program is for Competition Dynamics, NRL and PRS national bolt action points events (Pro-class only).
• An XLR chassis must be used on all bolt action rifles used by the shooter at the event.
• A picture of you at the match with your XLR equipped rifle is required.
• The shooter will promote XLR product with posts on multi-media sites with mention and tag of XLR.
• Shooter gives full rights of supplied media to XLR to use at its own digression for marketing purposes.

XLR Contingency Payouts

First Place: $250

Second Place: $150

Third Place: $100

Top 10 Finish: $50