Josh Martin | 2023 XLR Pro Shooter

Josh Martin XLR Team Shooter

Hometown: Bude, UK

Facebook: Josh Martin 

Instagram: @josh.precisionrifle

XLR Pro Shooter Josh Martin

Residing in Bude, UK, I am very much a family man and balancing my passion for shooting and family time is important to me. I am the director of a flat roofing company, and very soon opening a gun shop specializing in precision based equipment. My normal day consists of 8-5 roofing/ shop and a few evenings a week I venture out into the fields for some trigger time behind the rifle.

Being self taught from a very young age playing with air rifles. I have always had the bug to achieve better, and was always frustrated that my £80 air rifle wasn’t accurate enough and I couldn’t do better. Upon joining the armed forces in 2003 at 17 I was also frustrated I wasn’t given enough time on the ranges to practice more and have a more accurate rifle. I left the forces and applied for my firearms license. That’s when the addiction for perfection and challenging myself to do better grew.

My greatest match memory was in Scotland last year there was a very difficult stage where we had to sprint up a bank, engage a target on a hillside with 8 rounds. Many people were getting very few hits if any due to the wind and very limited ground sign for splash. I can’t remember exactly the hold I used but I often use what I joke about and call it "the force". I held off a target left and high I think and ‘ding’ first round hit. Followed by another 6. Everyone was shocked including myself.

Until now I have only used a XLR carbon, upon receiving the Envy pro I am blown away with the versatility and solidness the precision chassis has to offer, perfect for what we do in precision rifle shooting.

"The biggest risk of all is not taking one." I live by this and it has always given me good results one way or another.

Precision Tip From Josh: Learn your ammo and dope well. Get lots of rounds down range and practice basic positions, it gives you confidence in your rifle and loads. Also don’t overlook paper punching, it teaches you a lot.

Trust your bullets, they don’t lie.

2022 Top Finishes:

  • IPRF World Championship - Hungary

2021 Top Finishes:

  • Orion Mountain Challenge (July 4) GBPRA: 1st Place
  • Orion Mountain Challenge (September 12) GBPRA: 1st Place

2019 Top Finishes:

XLR Pro Shooter Q&A

Who or what inspires you? Jake Vibbert and his consistency of being at the top of his game.

Do you have any shooting superstitions? No I don’t think so, always go with a positive attitude.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve received about shooting? Lear your weakness’s and learn how to get over them.

How did you first hear of XLR? I saw the carbon on a picture on google and tracked it down to be an XLR, I had to have it! Back then XLR in the UK was very rare but I took the plunge and payed way over retail to get one sent via Europe. That is where my love for them grew, using that chassis for the first year in PRL it was obvious I loved it and it fitted me well and my relationship with the XLR family grew.