Jacob Denny | 2023 XLR Pro Shooter


Jacob Denny XLR Pro Team Shooter

Hometown: Carmichael, CA

Facebook: Jacob Denny

Instagram: @originalredhat

Jacob's interest in shooting started at an early age. He got his first 22 for his 9th birthday and grew up hunting and shooting in the far north end of California. Jacob started shooting Long Range Tactical matches and Dynamic steel matches in 2008 (with NCPPRC) and spent his Summers traveling the Western United States shooting PRS style matches. Jacob has won multiple NorCal long range matches and steel matches. He has been NCPPRC's Shooter of the year in 2013 & 2018 and Top Long Range Shooter 2013 & 2018.

2022 Top Finishes:

  • Central Coat Chaos PRS- 3rd
  • SAC Blue Ridge Rumble PRS- 32nd
  • Koenig-Ruger PRS AG Qualifier- 33rd
  • Hornady PRC- 35th
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2020 Top Finishes:

  • 5th place Dog Valley Precision
  • 15th place Northern Utah Barrel Burner
  • 6th place Sharpshooter Showdown
  • 1st place NCPPRC January 2021 Steel

2019 Top Finishes:

  • 8th Place - Hornady PRC

2018 Top Finishes:

  • 1st Place - NCPPRC Steel Match October
  • 10th Place - Norcal TBRC (NRL)
  • 1st Place - NCPPRC Steel Match Summer
  • 48th Place - NF Q Creek ELR Match
  • 28th Place - Rock Lake Rifle Challenge (PRS)
  • 1st Place - NCPPRC Long Range Match


Competition Rifle Configuration:

XLR ENVY™ Pro PRS Competition Kit
Lone Peak Arms Fuzion
Proof Research Barrel
Chambered in 6MM Creedmoor by Rubicon Precision
Trigger Tech Diamond Trigger
Tangent Theta 5-25x56mm with gen2 xr reticle
Spuhr Optic Mount
Cyke Pod double pull bipod
MBM muzzle break