Lead Times

How long will my order take?

Lead times are constantly changing throughout the year, depending on the chassis and how it is configured. Please call us at (970) 241-1807 for specific lead times.

In stock items will process and ship within 3 business days from the time of ordering. As soon as the order ships, you will receive a shipping notification with your tracking information.

GEN 1 vs GEN 2 Chassis

What generation chassis do I have?

The transition from our proprietary mounting platform to M-LOK required us to completely redesign the Element, Carbon & Evolution chassis forend & handguard. 

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to reach us at 970-241-1807

Military/LEO Discount

Does XLR offer a discount for Military or Law Enforcement officers? YES!

XLR Military Discount

XLR is proud to offer our active and retired Military and LEO a 10% discount on all XLR Products.

In order for you to be eligible for our Military discount, all we ask is you submit proof and verification of your status. To do so we ask you to email us the following:

  • Full Name
  • Shipping/Billing Address
  • Telephone Number
  • Verification in the form of a copy of active duty or veteran ID
    card, law enforcement credentials, or an email from an active '.mil' account or another department account.


Please send us an email to info@xlrindustries.com to get your account setup, once setup you will be able to place your order over the phone. If you have any questions feel free to give us a call at 970-241-1807


What does the XLR Lifetime Guarantee cover?

At XLR Industries, we take pride in our work and in our products. We also value your satisfaction. Because of these ideas, we offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY against manufacturing defects and structural performance on all products we offer. We do not cover cosmetic damage such as scratches or color fading. If the chassis has been modified by the user in a manner that causes failure, we may at our discretion void warranty on that part of the chassis.

I bought my XLR chassis secondhand, does the warranty still apply?

Absolutely. No matter where you acquired your XLR product, it will always be covered under our lifetime warranty. Guaranteed.


What are the proper torque specifications for XLR Chassis Systems and Accessories?

The proper torque specs are listed on the XLR Torque Spec Sheet.

What type of material are XLR Chassis Systems made from?

Our chassis systems and parts are made from 6061 T6 Aluminum. The Element 3.0 & 4.0 Magnesium is made from AZ61A Magnesium. 

What type of bedding system does XLR Chassis Systems use?

Our chassis systems utilize a multi-point radial cut inlet which allows the receiver to sit in the chassis stress-free for utmost accuracy (no V-block). Our chassis are a true drop-in system and do not require any bedding or gunsmithing.

Is the inlet for the XLR Chassis System Universal?

No. Our chassis inlets are machined specifically for the intended receiver and are not universal or interchangeable.

Is the bedding surface different between the different XLR Chassis Systems?

No. The inlet design is the same between all three of our chassis series so you will not gain or lose accuracy with the different chassis.

Does the XLR Chassis System require bedding?

No. Because we machine our inlet specifically for the intended receiver utilizing the multi-point radial inlet, our chassis do not require any bedding.

I have an oversized recoil lug. Will it fit in the XLR Chassis System?

Yes. Our chassis utilize an oversized recoil lug pocket that will allow up to a .315” thick recoil lug allowing the use of most oversized recoil lugs. If a larger recoil lug pocket is needed, that is available upon request.

I have a Tikka/Sako TRG action. What type of recoil lug does the XLR Chassis System use?

Our chassis will include a replacement hardened steel recoil lug to use with the Tikka/ TRG actions.

I have a Tikka T3 action, can I utilize the Magpul AICS magazines?

The Magpul AICS pattern magazines will not work with your Tikka T3 action. Please contact us in regards to which magazine will work with your Tikka T3 action.

How big of a barrel will the XLR Chassis System accommodate?

Our chassis will accept up to a 1.25” straight contour barrel and still remain fully free floating. Our Evolution HD and BMG chassis will accommodate larger barrels.

Is the barrel completely free-floating in the XLR Chassis System?

Yes. Our chassis provide a completely free floating barrel forward of the recoil lug.

Will the XLR Chassis System accommodate a “Remage” style barrel nut?

Yes. The Remage style barrel nut will fit into our chassis without issue.

Is the XLR Chassis System compatible with aftermarket trigger systems?

Yes. Our chassis systems will accommodate most aftermarket triggers.

Will the original action bolts work with the XLR Chassis System?

No. Our chassis system will include replacement action screws to install the chassis

I don’t see my action listed. Does XLR do custom inlets?

Yes. Depending on the action it may be possible to provide a custom inlet. Please feel free to contact us in regards to custom inlets. Custom inlet availability is subject to change.

What action modifications are needed for the Winchester Model 70/FN SPR?

The magazine opening in the action will need to be opened slightly to accept the larger AICS pattern magazine. It is recommended that modifications be performed by a competent gunsmith. Download the instruction sheet.

What bolt stop modifications are needed for the Savage .223?

The bolt stop on the Savage .223 bolt extends to the rear farther than on the .308 models. This prevents the bolt from traveling back far enough to cycle cartridges from the magazine. The bolt stop will need to be milled flat or replaced with the .308 style bolt stop, which is available at our online store here. It is recommended that modifications be performed by a competent gunsmith.

What action modifications are needed for the Remington Model 7?

To install our chassis system, the rear action screw hole in the Remington Model 7 action will need to be drilled and tapped to accommodate the large ¼”-28 action screws utilized by our chassis systems. It is recommended that modifications be performed by a competent gunsmith.

Are XLR Chassis Systems compatible with aftermarket AR style grips?

Yes. Please note that if the AR style grip has a “beaver tail” it will not be compatible with our chassis and the ‘beaver tail” portion will need to be cut flat.

What type of finish is on the XLR Chassis Systems?

All XLR chassis are anodized with a Type II Class II anodized matte finish.

Are the XLR Chassis Systems available in other colors?

YES! We now offer all of our chassis systems in both matte black anodized finish as well as a variety of popular Cerakote finishes!.

Will XLR Chassis accept Cerakote™ or similar firearm finishes?

Yes. Our chassis will accept firearm coatings such as Cerakote™.


What is the CIP length magazine/magwell?

The CIP length magazine is a magazine with a longer internal length of 3.750” to be used with .338LM and similar cartridges. RUM cartridges must use the CIP length magazine well. Please note, long-action chassis are only available with a 3.850" magwell as of February 2019.

What type of magazines do XLR Chassis Systems accept?

Our chassis systems accept AICS pattern magazines. AW style magazines will also work but only if the action is specifically made to do so.

Will a Magpul AICS magazine work with my Tikka T3?

The Magpul AICS pattern magazines will not work with your Tikka T3 action. Please contact us in regards to which magazine will work with your Tikka T3 action.

My caliber is not listed, which magazine do I use?

Many calibers will use a standard size magazine depending on the cartridge overall length (COAL). Cartridges with a COAL of 2.855” or shorter (such as 6.5 Creedmore, .260 Rem, .22-250 Rem, etc) will utilize the .308 style AICS magazine. All long action magwells are being cut to 3.850" CIP length as of February 2019. 3.850" CIP magazines are available for a variety of different long action cartridges including RUM and Edge cartridges.


Are aftermarket picatinny rails compatible with XLR handguards?

Because there is no industry standard for rail mounting, our hand guards may not be compatible with aftermarket rails. We do offer specific rails for our chassis that are available for order.

Are M-LOK™ rails compatible with XLR handguards?

The 15.5" Carbon and the new Envy chassis handguards are M-LOK™ compatible. The remaining chassis are not.

Are XLR Chassis Systems compatible with aftermarket handguards?

No. Our handguards are made specifically for our chassis systems and are not interchangeable with aftermarket handguards.


Are XLR buttstocks compatible with other chassis systems?

Yes. Our buttstocks utilize a buffer tube that has AR threads allowing it to be used on any chassis system using buffer tubes with AR threads. For AR platforms specifically, we recommend our Tactical AR buttstock. Note our buffer tube has a larger outside diameter than commercial or A2 style buffer tubes.

What is the difference between the Tactical and Tactical Lite buttstocks?

The Tactical Lite and Tactical buttstock will ride a bag differently. The Tactical Lite buttstock is designed more for use with a softer, squeeze bag with the intent being that the bag rests in the ‘hook’ shape in the bottom of the buttstock and the shooter is able to squeeze or release the bag for elevation adjustments. The Tactical buttstock is intended more for a firmer bag with the intent being that the shooter can rest the ‘ramp’ shape of the buttstock on the bag and either pull in or out for elevation adjustments. The Tactical buttstock also offers the option to cant the recoil pad whereas the Tactical Lite only has a vertical adjustment of the recoil pad. The Tactical buttstock is also 5 ounces heavier.

What is the difference between the Tactical buttstocks and the Extreme buttstocks?

The Extreme buttstock is different from our Tactical series as it is more designed for bench rest or F-Class applications since it does not have the sling or monopod provisions that are found on the Tactical buttstock series.

Will the Magpul PRS™ or similar rifle style AR buttstock work on the XLR Chassis?

The Magpul PRS™ and similar rifle style AR buttstocks can be used on our chassis system but will require some modification. Our chassis does not have provisions for the anti-rotation dowel found on rifle style AR buttstocks, and this portion will drop into the grip area preventing the use of the pistol grip. The anti-rotation dowel area on the buttstock will need to be milled down enough to allow the shooter’s hand to fit onto the grip, and the buttstock will also need to be drilled and pinned to prevent it from rotating.

Will the Tactical or Tactical Lite buttstock work on the AR platform?

The Tactical and Tactical Lite buttstocks will install on an AR platform. However, if the AR is a rear charging weapon system, the cheek rest may interfere with the charging handle. Our Tactical AR Buttstock is recommended for AR applications.

Are XLR buttstocks compatible with a monopod?

The Tactical Lite and Tactical buttstocks are compatible with a monopod. The monopod adapter kit is required and is sold separately.

What sling mounts do the XLR buttstocks utilize?

The Tactical and Tactical Lite buttstocks have QD/flush cup style sling points installed on both the left and right side. Matching QD/flush cup sling mounts are available separately.

Is the XLR buttstock considered a fixed buttstock?

Yes. The XLR buttstocks are considered a fixed buttstock.

What is the range of adjustment for the check rest?

All XLR buttstocks have 1.2” of vertical cheek rest adjustment.

What is the range of adjustment for the recoil pad?

The Tactical and Tactical AR buttstock both have .700” of vertical recoil pad adjustment and cant adjustment of +/-10°. The Tactical Lite buttstock has .700” of vertical recoil pad adjustment and no cant adjustment (unless equipped with optional Dual Plate Conversion Kit which gives +/-10° of cant). The Extreme buttstock has 1.5” of vertical recoil pad adjustment and no cant adjustment. The BMG buttstock has 1.7” of vertical recoil pad adjustment and no cant adjustment.

Is the XLR buffer tube mil-spec or commercial?

Neither. Our buffer tubes have a larger outside diameter than A2 style or carbine style buffer tubes. The inside diameter and threaded portion are all standard AR sizes, however.

What length buffer tubes do XLR buttstocks use?

Our buttstocks utilize a Carbine length buffer tube.

Are XLR buffer tubes compatible with A2 style or aftermarket buttstocks?

No. Because of the larger diameter of our buffer tubes, they are not compatible with aftermarket buttstocks.

Will XLR buttstocks accept the JP Silent Capture Springs™?

Yes. Our buffer tubes are compatible with the JP Silent Capture Springs™.

Scope Bases

Will my existing scope base be compatible with the XLR Chassis System?

The Evolution and Carbon series chassis system both utilize a fully enclosed handguard that some scope bases are not compatible with. If your existing scope base extends past the receiver face more than .200” it will need to be trimmed. We can trim your scope base to fit at no additional charge if you ship it to the address listed on our site.

What height scope rings will I need?

Without having all of the components in hand it is very difficult to give an accurate scope ring height. For this reason, we have provided a scope ring height calculator to help you determine the proper ring height required. For the manual formula, please see this article.

Night Vision Compatibility

Are XLR Chassis Systems night vision/thermal compatible?


The Evolution chassis system hand guard has pre-existing mounting holes that will accept a picatinny style rail at the 12 o’clock position.

The Carbon chassis has rail mounting holes at the 12 o’clock position available upon request.

The Element chassis system utilizes a night vision mount that is available separately.

Folding Option

How do I properly install the folding adapter?

We apologize for the delay. Installation instructions of the new folding adapter will be coming soon. 

What is the added length of pull with the folding adapter? Do I need the shortened buffer tube?

The folding adapter will add 1.5” to the total length of pull. The shortened buffer tube is not required with the folding adapter but is used to compensate for the added length of pull by the folding adapter.

Does the folding adapter lock in the folded position?

No. The folding adapter does not have a physical lock for when it is in the folded position but instead features an adjustable ball bearing detent to hold the folding adapter firmly when in the open position.

Will the folding adapter work on the AR platform?

While the folding adapter does use standard AR buffer tube thread size, it is not compatible with AR platforms.

Can the folding adapter be added at a later time?

Yes. The folding adapter is a modular, plug and play accessory that can be added at any time.

Available Inlets

What calibers does XLR make rifle chassis for?

It is not the caliber, but the action of the rifle that we must shape our chassis too. A particular model of rifle action, such as the popular Remington 700 short action or SA, may end up being chambered to any one of dozens of calibers before leaving the factory-none of which affect the external specifications of the action. In summary, we make chassis that fit particular actions, not calibers. Here is a complete list of actions that XLR makes chassis to fit. Below is a list of popular calibers that are associated with these actions.

Popular XLR Short Action Rifle Chassis Calibers:
204 Ruger
22 Hornet
218 Bee
221 Remington Fireball
222 Remington
223 Remington
222 Remington Magnum
219 Zipper
22 Bench Rest (BR)
22-250 Remington
220 Swift
6mm PPC
6 mm XC
6mm BR
243 Winchester
243 WSSM
6mm Remington
6x47 Lapua Mag
6mm Dasher
6mm-284 Winchester
6.5-284 Norma
6.5 Creedmore
6.5x47mm Lapua
26 Nosler
250 Savage
260 Remington
6.8 Remington SPC
270 Winchester Short Magnum (WSM)
284 Winchester
7mm Remington Short Action Ultra Magnum (SAUM)
7mm WSM
30 BR
300 Remington SAUM
300 WSM
308 Winchester
325 WSM
338 Federal
Popular XLR Long Action Rifle Chassis Calibers:
25-06 Remington
6.5 x 55 Swedish Mauser
6.5-06 A-Square
264 Winchester Magnum
270 Winchester
280 Remington
28 Nosler
7mm Remington Magnum
7mm Remington
7mm Shooting Times Westerner
30-06 Springfield
300 Win Magnum
300 Ultra Mag
300 WSM
30 Nosler
338 Win Mag
338 Ultra Mag
338 Norma Mag
338 Edge
338 Lapua Mag
375 Chey Tec
375 Snipe Tec
375 Mercenary
408 Chey Tec
8x57 Mauser
50 Caliber BMG