Standard Buffer Tube

We offer two lengths of buffer tubes: standard and short. Our standard buffer tube is a carbine length tube with a 7” internal length and comes standard with our buttstocks. It is compatible with carbine length buffer systems when used on AR platforms. 

Our short buffer tube is 1.7" shorter and is designed for use with our folding adapters to provide the factory length of pull adjustment range. Our short buffer tubes are not compatible with AR buffer internals.


*PLEASE NOTE: If you are replacing a buffer tube for your Extreme or Extreme BMG buttstock please contact us or place a note in your order specifying this.

**NOTE: XLR buffer tubes have a proprietary outside diameter to provide added strength for the larger caliber rifles our stocks are used with. They are not compatible with traditional AR buttstocks and are not interchangeable with A2-style stocks.

*WEIGHT: 4.1 ounces. (Short)  *WEIGHT: 5.5 ounces. (Long)

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