ERGO Vertical Grip

The ERGO Tactical Deluxe Vertical grip is a flat top AR-style grip that is completely vertical, allowing you to easily achieve that perfect 90-degree trigger pull, and features ERGO's signature SUREGRIP® material giving you complete control over your rifle in any condition or position.

WEIGHT: 4.5 oz.

How to Use an ERGO Tactical Deluxe Vertical Grip for Improved Shooting Techniques

As an enthusiast in rifle shooting, having the right grip can make a lot of difference in your shooting style and precision. Today, let’s dive into how the ERGO Tactical Deluxe Vertical Grip, a product of ERGO Grips, can enhance your shooting techniques. ERGO Grips has designed an array of grips and accessories that support different shooting styles. We will also look into the features, specifications, and how to find the perfect grip size for your hand.

Choosing ERGO Grip

ERGO Grips products are renowned for comfort and durability. When installed on your rifle, the ERGO Tactical Deluxe Vertical Grip provides a comfortable and stable platform for your hand. The wet conditions of the shooting range or field don’t matter, as ERGO grips are designed to provide support in varying conditions. Additionally, the company offers rail covers that can be paired with the grip for an even more comfortable experience.

Knowing the Specifications

Before you run to shop, it’s essential to learn about the specifications of the ERGO Tactical Deluxe Vertical Grip. The standard Tactical Deluxe has been a staple for precision grips used on AR rifles and Chassis rifles for over a decade! With the evolution of precision rifle shooting, a vertical grip has become the popular option for bolt action rifles over a standard angled AR grip. XLR Industries contacted and worked with Ergo Grips on prototyping a perfectly vertical grip. After a few iterations, this is the final result that is perfect for modern shooting techniques.

Selecting the Perfect Size & Grip style

Hand size and comfort are critical when choosing a grip. ERGO offers different sizes and styles to cater to varied preferences. The vertical grip is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort, normally when the shooter decides to rest their thumb on the same side as the bolt handle. This grip style is the most common when it comes to precision rifle applications due to the 3 components it enables when paired with the correct grip.

  1. Helps prevent the shooter from inducing any external negative influence and torque on the rifle, where wrapping the thumb around the grip can unintentionally promote these.
  2. Allows the shooter to have faster bolt manipulation if shooting on the clock at precision rifle competition.
  3. For most hands, the vertical grip with the location of the palms well and finger grooves allow a consistent 90-degree trigger press.

These three things are the core of precision rifle fundamentals when discussing gripping a rifle. Depending on the size of your hand, you can find the item that’s a perfect fit for you from the ERGO shop page.

Installing Your ERGO Grip

Once your grip arrives, it's time to install it on your rifle chassis. The ERGO Tactical Deluxe Vertical Grip can be easily installed on any XLR chassis, other chassis that accept AR-style grips and, of course, AR-15 and similar platforms. Make sure it's secure and check the comfort level by holding your rifle in different shooting stances and grip styles, such as wrapping your thumb around the grip and resting it on the side of the chassis. To take the consistency of your grip to the next level, consider the Adjustable Thumb Rest with your Ergo Tactical Deluxe Vertical Grip for an anchor point on the side of the chassis for your thumb.

On the adjustable thumb rest page is a picture of a blue chassis. This has a vertical grip and thumb rest that is perfect.

Practicing Shooting Techniques

Now that your ERGO vertical grip is installed let’s look at how it can enhance your shooting style. Practice shooting in various stances, such as standing, kneeling, and prone. The grip provides stability and ergonomics for consistency which are both essential for accurate shots. Experiment with different grip positions and find what’s most comfortable and efficient for you.

With ERGO vertical grip installed, you can expect improved stability and comfort in your shooting techniques. Place your order today and take your shooting to the next level.

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