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Our XLR precision scope rings feature a progressively machined inner ring surface to achieve a seamless ring-to-scope interface. Designed to work with Mil-Spec 1913 Picatinny rails, our ring sets are held in place with a durable flush-fitting steel side plate. This plate is controlled with dual spring-loaded guides for a repeatable zero hold. An integrated Picatinny recoil lug ensures complete surface contact to eliminate forward and aft movement caused by recoil vibrations.

Machined in the USA from 6061-T6 aluminum and 4605 steel with matte black hard anodized finish

Recommended torque specification: 25 in-lb. for top screws, 45 in-lb. for the side plate.

*WEIGHT: 5.1 - 5.7 ounces.

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Benefits of High-Quality Scope Rings

Precision shooting relies heavily on the quality of the rifle system being used. A key component of course, is the precision rifle scope to make calculated adjustments for elevation and windage. The rifle scope unintentionally can induce errors if inadequate scope rings or improperly installed scope rings are used. High-quality scope mounts like those offered by XLR Industries ensure the shooter's accuracy is not hindered due to poor quality but also add value with a durable, lightweight package. This page will cover the benefits of investing in reliable riflescope rings.

Mechanics of Scope Rings

Scope rings are more than just a piece of metal; it's a carefully designed piece of equipment that securely holds the optic and allows it to be attached to the top of the rifle's receiver. Whether for tactical use, hunting, precision rifle matches, or a leisurely day at the range, our scope mounts are designed for every kind of shooter.

Top 7 Benefits of XLR Scope Rings

Precision and Accuracy with Precision Machined Scope Rings

The first benefit of XLR Scope Rings is that they are not mass produced but rather designed and machined in a fashion to properly secure the scope without damaging the important internals of the scope tube and secure it to a 1913 Picatinny rail consistently. One aspect of this is done by progressively machining the sets of rings for a precise inner ring surface. This achieves a seamless ring-to-scope interface. 

Durability Benefits of Quality Scope Rings

Reliability in harsh conditions is crucial for shooters. There are multiple mounting applications/methods scope rings can attach to a rifle action or a scope base between the rings and action. XLR Scope Rings will attach using a Mil-Spec 1913 Picatinny Rail Scope Base. This has become the favored method in the firearms industry, allowing a wide array of different scope rings to be compatible with so many different rifles, and repeatable has proven to be the best method to prevent the scope shifting under recoil. The second benefit is the integral recoil stop interfacing with a Picatinny slot, this square-shaped lug allows complete surface contact eliminating the possibility of forward and aft movement from recoil vibrations. 

Strength and Lightweight 

All XLR Scope Rings are machined out of 6061-T6 Aluminum allowing them to be lightweight. For years shooters believed steel was better, but that has been squashed especially when the clamping force required to secure the scope tube is minimal and too much can cause more harm than good. The side plate that clamps onto the Picatinny scope base is 4605 Steel, and the finish is a hard coat anodize.


In many circumstances, a precision rifle shooter must remove the scope from the rifle and re-mount it. Often shooters will do so with the scope rings left on the scope itself and detach them from the scope base. The single torx screw that tensions the steel ring clamp is aligned with consistent clamping force by duel spring loaded guide rods. With this low profile and flush fitting system, you can be assured that there is secure and a repeatable zero. 

Installation Made Easy

With the right tools, installation can be hassle-free. The scope rings include the T25 Torx wrench needed for tightening the side plate and the top of the scope rings. XLR Industries also offers a very intuitive and affordable Scope Leveling Jack that can save you time and frustration getting most of your popular scopes level quickly.

Design Aesthetics and Quality Finish

Aesthetics count too! XLR's scope rings blend functionality and design. There are smaller rings on the market and larger, and we feel these are the perfect balance allowing the use to be versatile for many applications. With a snag-free contoured profile, they are sleek enough for any dream hunting rifle yet burly enough for the highest-held match rifle.


The proper scope ring is more than just a mounting accessory; it's the foundation of a secure, reliable optic setup. XLR Industries, a leading company in precision manufacturing, offers a wide variety of reliable riflescope rings, ensuring quality, design, and confidence in every shot. Check our stock and replace your old mounts with our top-notch models.

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Are you interested in investing in quality? Explore XLR Industries' range of high-quality scope rings. Contact our experts to find the perfect fit for your needs. Invest in accuracy, durability, and quality with XLR Industries today! Your satisfaction is our guarantee.

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