Verl Dallin | 2020 XLR Pro Shooter

XLR Pro Shooter Verl Dallin

Hometown: Spanish Fork, Utah

Facebook: Verl Dallin

Instagram: @801precision_shooter

Verl grew up hunting and shooting from a very young age. Before he could hold the shotgun or rifle by himself, his father would hold the gun and let him pull the trigger. My dad introduced me to archery.  Target shooting and archery hunting were the focus of my youth. Verl's father then introduced him to archery, and target shooting, as well as archery hunting, became the main focus throughout Verl's youth. One year a friend of his asked him to go rifle hunting, after a few conversations, they decided to try their hand at long range shooting.

He first started long range shooting on public land not far from his home, and from there he began attending local matches. In 2015 Verl attended his first local matching, single feeding his hunting rifle and taking home fourth place. Soon after he put together his first match rifle and attended every local match he could find. Now Verl enjoys traveling the country competing in national level matches and meeting tons of great people who share the same passion for long range precision shooting. 

2019 Top Finishes:

  • 7th Place - Rocky Mountain (PRS)

2018 Top Finishes:

  • 13th Place - Rocky Mountain Mayhem (PRS)
  • 13th Place - JC Steel High Mountain Shootout (PRS)
  • 15th Place - Quiet Riot (PRS)
  • 9th Place - Blue Ridge (PRS)
  • 27th Place - JC Steel Challenge (NRL)
  • 12th Place - Dog Valley (NRL)
  • 11th Place - High Country Precision Shootout (NRL)
  • 17th Place - NRL Championship (NRL)
    Competition Rifle Configuration:
    XLR JV Heavy Fill ENVY Chassis
    XLR Tactical Buttstock

    XLR Tactical Bag Rider
    Lone Peak Arms-Fuzion
    Benchmark Barrels (Chambered in 6mm BRX by TS Customs)
    Area 419 Hell Fire Brake
    Kahles K525i Optic
    Hawkins Precision Rings
    Evolution Bipod
    Leofoto 404C
    Bison Tactical Udder Bag