Janae Frehner

Janae Frehner

Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

Facebook: Janae Barney Frehner 

Instagram: @janaesgotagun

Bio: In 2014, Janae competed in her first local shooting match and was immediately hooked. Janae’s enthusiasm for long range competitive shooting quickly became a passionate part of her life and she has continued to compete both locally and nationally. Janae went through many different platforms for rifles, without any luck. Until she came across the XLR Element, which she fell in love with, due to its extreme adjust-ability. She was able to finally find a chassis that could fit her small 5’2” frame, she has been a loyal supporter ever since!

Today Janae works avidly to support her local shooting club, Sin City Precision. Janae continues to support the growth of long range shooting, especially by encouraging other females to join the sport. Her daughters recently started competing in NRL22, which they love!

Centerfire Rifle Specs:

XLR Envy chassis

Defiance Rebel action chambered in 6XC with a Hawk Hill

Vortex generation 2 Razor HD 4.5 x 27

Harris bi-pod

XLR barricade stop

Rimfire Rifle Specs:

XLR Envy chassis

Vudoo V-22

Vortex generation 2 3x18

Atlas bi-pod

Favorite Gear: Janae can’t live without her Solo-Sack made by Short Action Precision. If she can only have one bag, that's the one!