Greg Herbert | 2019 XLR Pro Shooter

XLR Pro Shooter Greg Herbert

Hometown: Lehi, UT

Facebook: Greg Herbert 

Instagram: @herbert.greg & @phanthom.firearms 

About: Greg started shooting at a young age, but didn’t start competing until 2010. He shot his first long range match with a single-shot bench rest rifle with a 2-ounce trigger and no safety. Now in his fifties, competing is all Greg thinks about and he loves the rush of adrenaline from a match. "If it doesn’t get your heart pumping, you’re in the wrong sport," says Greg. "I love to compete, but I also enjoy helping others get into competitive shooting or long range hunting." When he is not shooting, Greg enjoys family, hunting, gun-smithing, fitness, off-roading, and his horses.

2019 Top Finishes:

  • 2nd - Samrocked! (PRS)
  • 4th - Doc Steel Rifle Challenge (PRS)

2017 Top Finishes:

  • 3rd Place-Rocky Mountain Ice Breaker Challenge (PRS)
  • 5th Place-The Sound of Silence (PRS)
  • 6th Place-March into Madness (PRS)
  • 2nd Place-Arizona (NRL)
  • 15th Place-Utah (NRL)
  • 26th Place-Colorado (NRL)
  • 7th Place Averaged for the championship (NRL)
  • 24th Overall for Season (NRL)

Competition Rifle Configuration: 
XLR JV Heavy Fill ENVY Chassis
XLR Tactical Buttstock
XLR Tactical Bag Rider
XLR Quick Adjust Barricade Stop
XLR Mercury Recoil Kit
Mesa Precision Arms
6mm Dasher & 22 Dasher
Proof Research
Trigger Tech Diamond
Nightforce 7-35 ATACR F1
CKYE Bipod
Lapua Brass
Hornady 88ELDX & DTAC's
Alliant Reloader & Hodgdon Varget
Federal 205 Primers
Saracen Field Bag by Warhorse Development