Cole Kepler

Cole Kepler

Home State: Nebraska 

Facebook: Cole Kepler 

Bio: Cole began shooting competitively in 2014, at just 15 years of age. He has traveled all over the country attending competitions and took 1st Place in the Junior's Division at the 2016 Sniper's Hide Cup in Washington. 

Rifle 1 Specs: XLR Envy Chassis, Bighorn action chambered into 6.5 x 47 with a Hawkhill barrel, Vortex optics, Atlas bipod, XLR barricade stop.

Rifle 2 Specs: XLR Envy Chassis, Defiance Deviant chambered into 6.5 x 47 with a Obermeyer barrel, Kahles Optics, Atlas bipod, XLR barricade stop

Favorite Gear: RRS Tripod, Wiebad tactical, TAB gear