Carson Rutherford | 2020 XLR Pro Shooter

XLR Pro Shooter Carson Rutherford

Hometown: Elk City, Oklahoma 

Facebook: Carson Rutherford 

Instagram: @Carson.r

About: Carson started hunting deer and coyotes at the age of 7 and that led to a passion for shooting. He shot his first PRS and NRL competitions in 2017. In 2018 and 2019 he won the NRL youth championship. 

Competition Rifle Configuration:
XLR ENVY™ Pro (JV Competition Kit)
TriggerTech Diamond Trigger
Impact action
Chambered in 25x47 Lapua by Wildcat Precision Rifles
Krieger Barrels
Schmidt Bender PM II Optic
The No-Name-Tripod
SilencerTech Suppressors