September 19, 2018

Husband & Wife Custom XLR Chassis Rifles | POTW 9-19-18

XLR Evolution and Element Chassis Systems

Left | XLR Industries Evolution - Gen 1

Right | XLR Industries Element - Gen 2

Here is what Steve had to say about our products.


I am submitting these as potential pics of the week.

I purchased the Evolution chassis back when you were getting started and have enjoyed it a lot. The Element was recently purchased for my wife and I put a Savage 12FV into the chassis for her. Both guns have been shot long distance and are regularly shot from a Pig Saddle out to 600 yds. I love everything about the chassis and the great customer service when I have called with questions. I especially like the chassis because of no bedding and not having to buy a bottom metal set up as an add-on. Those two items save a considerable amount of money and time. Both chassis were plug and play and fitment and finish are excellent.

Super nice products at reasonable prices, great value.

Thanks, Steve

September 17, 2018

Ultimate Hunting Chassis | Review by Luke Conner with Long Range Only

Ever wondered if you could use a chassis system for hunting. Short answer. Yes. Check out what Luke Conner, with Long Range Only, has to say about using the XLR chassis systems for hunting.

And not only has he had success with our products, but they work just as well for his 3 children who love to shoot!

September 12, 2018

Custom Savage Envy Chassis Systems | Pic of the Week 9-12-18

This week we wanted to feature some of the coolest looking Envy chassis that we have seen! Both belonging to Wes Karmazin out of Las Vegas. Check out the build list below for these amazing rifles.

XLR Industries

This rifle started life as a Cabela's Black Friday special 12FV that I bought for under 300 dollars. I built this one as a trainer for cheaper practice and for teaching people new to long range shooting. It's capable out to 1000 yards as an analog for shooting bigger stuff out to ELR ranges. Also, it will see service as a varmint rifle shooting off the Gitzo/Really Right Stuff tripod setup.

XLR Industries

This has been my workhorse rifle for over 10 years. It started life as a Savage 10BAS-K .308 and slowly changed into what it is now. I mostly shoot it in our monthly matches at Boulder Rifle and Pistol Club in the Long Range Precision Varmint Silhouette match. It's proven capable out to 1880 yards.

Duracoated by Gordon with Wasteland Arms in Las Vegas. Check out Leading Edge Precision Firearms for similar rifle packages.

September 05, 2018

Is upgrading to a chassis system worth it? | Pic of the Week 9-5-18

XLR Industries

A question we receive a lot, "Is upgrading to a chassis system really worth the extra money?"

Of course being a manufacturer of rifle chassis systems we are going to tell you that upgrading to a chassis system is the best way to go to enhance your shooting experience. Here are a few reasons to back that up. 

Modularity. Allows the end user to change, swap and outfit their rifle to suit whatever purpose they desire. Sometimes without having to loosen a single nut or bolt. And the integration of today's widely used 1.5" RRS dovetail system has set us apart from the competition once again.

Increase in accuracy and repeatability. Our multi-point radial cut inlet contacts the receiver with more than 100 designated high points. Mimicking high-end glass bedding but with the ability to change barreled actions in minutes.

Adjustability. You can adjust the same buttstock and chassis system to fit a 6'0" man and a 5'0" child in a matter of minutes. XLR buttstocks have the largest range of adjustment compared to anyone in our class.

Price point. If you look into a traditional rifle stock, with a detachable box magazine system, 99% of the time those traditional stocks will cost more. Not to mention gunsmithing costs for bedding and inletting the stock. With our chassis system, you have it all right out of the box and within minutes your action can be bolted up and shooting.

Common misconceptions on rifle chassis for the traditional shooter, whether it be for hunting, target shooting or competing, can easily be settled with a little research.

And if you ever have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 970-241-1807 or send us an email to We would be happy to help steer you in the right direction, whether it involves using our products or not!

And thank you, Jason, for sending in the picture of your rifle!

August 29, 2018

XLR Pink and Purple Cerakote Chassis | Pic of the Week 8-29-18

XLR Industries
The future of our sport is all about introducing new shooters, both boys and girls alike, and getting them out to the range! Thank you to Chance Baker for sending in this picture of his daughter's new rifle build. Our chassis systems and buttstocks can easily be fitted to pretty much anyone. And making the switch to a chassis system is as easy as tightening a few bolts.
Here is a little inside scoop on purple target eater shown above!

If you're looking for a chassis system that is adjustable to everyone in your family, including your young daughter, XLR chassis systems have you covered.

August 22, 2018

XLR Industries SALE on Gen 1 Element Chassis

XLR Industries Gen 1 Element Chassis Blowout SaleNow until they are gone, you can pick up a Gen 1 Element Chassis system with Tactical Lite Buttstock and Ergo Tactical Grip for just $416.50. While supplies last, some exclusions may apply. Click the image above to view our Special Offers page.
August 15, 2018

Surgeon 591 and Remington 700 Chassis Systems | Pic of the Week 8-15-18

XLR Industries

Two XLR Element chassis. Two Completely different actions. Our chassis systems are so versatile that dropping your favorite action, new or old, is as easy as removing a few bolts. Once dropped into a chassis system you can run detachable box magazines, increasing your bolt action rifles capacity to 10 rounds! Eliminating the need for bottom metal, or custom gunsmithing, making XLR chassis systems extremely user-friendly.

Here are some build specs on the rifles pictured.

Left: Trued Remington 700
Right: Surgeon 591 Repeater

Built by Valhalla Riflesworks Co. 

August 08, 2018

.300 Remington Ultra Magnum Chassis | Pic of the Week 8-8-18

XLR Industries

This rifle build comes to us all the way from the Netherlands! Featuring a giant Barnard PL action in 300 RUM, this thing is a hammer! 

Our chassis systems can be inletted to fit over 300 different actions, for both left and right-hand shooters. From chassis to fit rimfire training rifles to .50 BMG and beyond. XLR chassis systems can handle anything you may want to throw in it. 

August 01, 2018

Offical Chassis Sponsor of the National Rifle League | XLR Industries

XLR Industries

XLR is the official chassis sponsor of the National Rifle League and heavily supports the growing sport of long range precision shooting. We focused our ENVY chassis system directly on the needs of today's shooters. Making it the most feature forward chassis in its class, with more inlet options available than any other system on the market.

Our system allows you to simply unbolt your barreled action from your traditional gun stock and drop it directly into our chassis without the need for custom glass bedding or gunsmithing.

Thank you to Nico Detour for sharing this awesome picture of his ENVY chassis that was picked up off an NRL prize table! With a custom NRL logo engraved in the side!

July 25, 2018

Howa 1500 Chassis System | Pic of the Week 7-25-18

XLR Industries

Coming to us all the way from Australia is this awesome build utilizing our Element Chassis and Tactical Lite Buttstock. Did you know that our chassis systems require no bedding? That means making the switch from your off the shelf gun stock is as easy as removing a few screws and dropping your barreled action into our chassis.

With our multi-point radial cut inlet your action experiences little to no stress and the large open forend maintains a free-floating environment for up to a 1.25" straight bull barrel.

Here is a build breakdown of this weeks featured rifle! Thank you Trent for sending this into us!