Husband & Wife Custom XLR Chassis Rifles | POTW 9-19-18

XLR Evolution and Element Chassis Systems

Left | XLR Industries Evolution - Gen 1

Right | XLR Industries Element - Gen 2

Here is what Steve had to say about our products.


I am submitting these as potential pics of the week.

I purchased the Evolution chassis back when you were getting started and have enjoyed it a lot. The Element was recently purchased for my wife and I put a Savage 12FV into the chassis for her. Both guns have been shot long distance and are regularly shot from a Pig Saddle out to 600 yds. I love everything about the chassis and the great customer service when I have called with questions. I especially like the chassis because of no bedding and not having to buy a bottom metal set up as an add-on. Those two items save a considerable amount of money and time. Both chassis were plug and play and fitment and finish are excellent.

Super nice products at reasonable prices, great value.

Thanks, Steve