MASSIVE .416 Noreen XLR Evolution BMG | Pic of the Week 7-18-18

XLR Industries

We are featuring a monster of a rifle build this week! Thank you, Robert Phillips, for sending in these images of your new rifle, and the following specs on this MASSIVE rifle build.

"This started as a factory camo stock Noreen 416. It is a 1-12 twist barrel with Timney adjustable trigger, XLR Evolution BMG chassis, Heritage Arms Cold Shot LLC 300 moa adjustable rail, 30 moa fixed rail, Huskemaw tactical 5x30x56 34mm scope with dual turrets and level built into the eyepiece, Sinclair bipod, and Vortex rings."

XLR IndustriesXLR IndustriesXLR Industries

If you're interested in having your rifle build featured send us your images and build specs to