Camo XLR Industries ENVY Chassis System | Pic of the Week 5-16-18

Lee Eldridge XLR Industries

This weeks pic features Lee Eldridge's beautiful left handed XLR Envy Chassis, built by John Scandale of Keystone Accuracy. This rifle is outfitted with a Defiance Deviant Tactical (Lefty) action, chambered in Texas 6.5 Creedmoor. A Jewell Trigger system, 28" Bartlein Med Palma 7.5t barrel, and up top a Vortex Razor 2 optic.

Lee shot this rifle at the PRS 2018 Lone Survivor match and placed 10th, which was only his third PRS match to enter! We are excited to hear about his future matches with this amazing set up!

From Lee, "One thing I modified on it was adding lead in the cavities of the fore end towards the very front. It helped dampen it and give it a "dead" feel under recoil. I also gave it a brushed bronze finish to make it stand out a bit. Other than that, the ergonomics are about perfect!" Lee Eldridge.

Instagram: @Texasrifleshooter