Kelbly's Black Bear Tactical | XLR ENVY Chassis System

XLR ENVY JV Heavy Fill Chassis System is now being inletted for the Kelbly's Black Bear Tactical action. 

"Designed to be the ultimate tactical action. Featuring a square 1.4” wide flat bottom which resists rotational torque and allows for larger bolt stop screws. The Black Bear has an integral 20 MOA Picatinny 1913 MIL-SPEC Rail, BlackNitride finish for increased slickness and extreme environments. This is the flagship tactical action for Kelbly’s."

XLR ENVY Chassis for Kelbly's Black Bear Tactical Action

The Kelbly's Black Bear Tactial is only available in Short Action footprint, see how well it fits in the chassis by viewing the video below!


If you're interested in ordering a Kelbly's Black Bear Tactical action visit HERE