Carbon Fiber Savage Chassis | Pic of the Week 10-3-18

Custom Carbon Fiber Chassis

Caleb put together a sweet Savage rifle on a budget, here is what Caleb had to say about his new build;

"Savage model 12 chambered in .308. Nothing custom for barrel or action. And a Vortex Viper 4-16. Pretty simple as I didn’t know much about custom rifles when I put it together. I did do my research on the carbon chassis though and found it was superb. I use it as a fun target rifle, and I will be using it for deer season this year also..."

By upgrading to a chassis system you can quickly unleash the full potential of your off-the-shelf rifle. With the vast adjustments in the buttstock and chassis, you can fit the rifle to your frame. Making your shooting experience much more enjoyable, and those long days at the range more enjoyable.